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Internal Cybersecurity

Active learning: The next frontier of cybersecurity awareness training

Today’s organizations are investing in cybersecurity controls and technologies more than ever before. It’s easy to understand why. Data breaches and compliance fines aren’t just inconveniences in the modern world of business. They’re potential points of failure. A wide scale security incident can completely erode customer trust and the bottom line, putting some organizations out […]

zendesk vulnerabilities zendesk security

Navigating Zendesk vulnerabilities: Risks and remediations

In today’s ultra competitive digital landscape, businesses need to ace their customer service offering to attract, win, and retain customers.  In fact, McKinsey research shows that investing in the customer experience (CX) can improve sales revenues by up to 7% and profitability by up to 2% in just one year.  To enhance the CX, many […]

google drive leak google drive leaks google drive leaked

A comprehensive guide to Google Drive vulnerabilities

Organizations large and small rely on Google Drive and the Google Workspace ecosystem for a range of collaboration and document-based tasks. The cloud-based platform is highly intuitive to use and accessible from any device with the right login credentials, making it an excellent option for hybrid and remote teams.  However, Google Drive’s usability can also […]

Internal Cybersecurity

Elevating cybersecurity awareness training with AI-driven nudges

In 2024, human error continues to be the number one cause of data breaches, leaks and compliance fines in the enterprise. Despite organizations consistently investing in cybersecurity awareness training, something is going amiss: employees aren’t learning.  For CISOs and their teams, the fallout of ineffective training programs can be severe. Many training initiatives are expensive, […]

Verizon Data Breach

Verizon insider data breach

Telecommunications and media giant Verizon suffered a data breach impacting over 60,000 employees after one employee gained unauthorized access to sensitive files containing personally identifiable information.  How did the Verizon data breach happen? According to a data breach notification shared with the Office of the Maine Attorney General, a Verizon employee “inappropriately handled” a file […]

Data security controls

NASA’s DLP program fails to lift off

Houston, we have a problem. NASA may have put men on the moon, but its privacy program is in need of some rocket fuel.  That’s according to the aerospace agency’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), who recently reviewed NASA’s privacy program and found its data loss prevention (DLP) approach to be astronomically lacking.  In an […]

Artificial intelligence

How to shine a light on shadow AI

Generative AI is like the Internet of the late 1990s. It’s going to completely reshape the business world, and make employees way more productive, innovative, and efficient.  In fact, already, Nielsen Norman Group has found that employees using generative AI tools like ChatGPT perform 66% better than those who don’t.  There’s just one problem. A […]

Insider threat detection

The insider threat in the age of generative AI

Imagine this scenario: Your sales team, in the midst of a hectic period, rushes to finalize a proposal for a crucial prospect. Strapped for time, they turn to ChatGPT for assistance, feeding it sensitive contract and company data to speed up the process. Seems harmless, right? Actually, the data your sales team entrusted to ChatGPT […]

Sensitive data exposure

Are your customer service agents being exposed to sensitive customer data?

Customer service teams are often the first point of call for your customers. Armed with tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, HubSpot, OneDrive, Kustomer, and more, they’re on the front lines, tackling order disputes, service issues, inquiries, and account updates. Beyond that, they also play a vital role in upholding cybersecurity. While they’re certainly not expected to […]

Data privacy

Is insurance industry data safe in cloud apps?

In January of this year, the personal data of over 2 million Aflac life insurance and Zurich auto insurance policyholders ended up on the dark web. How? Because hackers used a contractor’s stolen credentials to break into a cloud server used for marketing purposes.  The information stolen included policyholder names, ages, genders, insurance data, coverage […]

Medical Patient Data Leak Security

How to protect patient data against insider threats?

It’s no secret that the healthcare sector is a prime target for cyber-attacks. Research shows healthcare organizations in the US experienced 1,426 attacks per week in 2022 – up 60% from the year before.  But while healthcare companies spend their limited resources and time shielding patient health information (PHI) from external threats, they forget that […]


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