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GitHub leak

GitHub security best practices you need to know

What software developer doesn’t love GitHub? This amazing—and free—platform is a fantastic way to share code files, connect with fellow developers and collaborate on projects seamlessly.  It’s no wonder that the platform has over 32 million monthly users. But, unfortunately, many people aren’t using the platform securely. Just recently, security researchers scanned GitHub for sensitive […]

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Dropbox data breach of 100 GitHub repositories

How did Dropbox data breach of 100 GitHub repositories occur?

It looks like Dropbox has dropped the ball. In a blog post published on November 1st, the company revealed that it had suffered a data breach after a successful phishing lure fooled numerous employees. Read on to discover how this breach happened, and the critical learnings to apply to your organization.  What’s Dropbox? For those […]

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secure employee off-boarding

6 Step guide to securely off-board employees

Did you know that 40% of ex-employees have admitted to stealing corporate data for their next role? Worse still, it’s estimated that 25% of departed employees still have access to company resources and data.  Here’s a hard truth. If any of your employees have left your company with sensitive data downloaded onto their personal devices, […]

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How did Slack lead to ‘Grand Theft Auto’ leak?

Gaming fans got an unexpected treat last weekend when in-development gameplay footage of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game was leaked online. No, this wasn’t an attempt by Rockstar Games—the publisher of GTA— to drum up anticipation for the pending launch.  The company was hacked. And badly. The hacker managed to break into an […]

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Cloud security

What is autonomous compliance?

The world of compliance is evolving at an astounding rate. It seems like there’s a new regulation every year. Plus, with the advent of state compliance laws, companies will soon have to deal with a myriad of shifting expectations around how they deal with consumer data.  On top of this, frameworks like ISO 27001 and […]

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What is cloud account hijacking?

Cloud account hijacking is a serious problem for companies across sectors. 86% of IT leaders said this form of cybercrime cost them more than $500k last year. 

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What is cloud security?

Cloud security is all about using solutions, processes and security controls to keep cloud environments secure from data loss or exposure

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what is NIST framework

What is the NIST privacy framework?

The NIST Privacy Framework is a tool to help organizations identify, manage and mitigate privacy risks to data such as PII and PHI.

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software bill of materials

What is a software bill of materials?

A SBOM is an inventory of metadata. It enables developers to track each of the components used to create their customized software.

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never use default security settings

Why you should never use default security settings…

If you’re using default security settings for your cloud applications, you should check that they set correctly for your unique business.

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unstructured data risks FS

The risks of unstructured data in financial services

Data is less structured and more distributed than before. People need new tools to prevent sensitive data exposure in this new SaaS reality.

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