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Data Governance & DLP for SaaS

Cloud hosted SaaS applications can have infinite endpoints. Polymer DLP prevents sensitive data from ever reaching these endpoints.

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Compliance Does Not Have To Slow You Down

Healthcare, Financial Services and other industries mandate how to handle and use personal identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), credit card data and other consumer records. Polymer DLP enforces cloud compliance policies and protects sensitive data to maintain a compliant posture. Keeps passwords and cloud credentials from being exposed as well.


Autonomous Compliance

1. Audit

Any User interaction with data assets is tracked and audited. This includes access, sharing and downloads

2. Access

Data access can be defined as granularly as an entity type across all your platforms. Set up access policies that go above and beyond what your SaaS platforms provide

3. Data Protection

Detect and permission (all autonomously) access to sensitive data such as PII, PHI as it’s used within internal teams or how it is shared externally

4. Reporting

Real time reporting on the risks to your organization based on event monitoring

5. Incident Response

Any policy violation is tracked, alerted and automatically remediated without human intervention. Compliance teams are notified for any high risk incidences.

6. Ongoing SOC Controls

SOC2 Type2 requires evidence of ongoing controls and governance. Polymer provides the reporting and remediation capabilities to satisfy most auditors’ demands.

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