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How to Prevent Data Loss On Slack

Top 3 Slack Data Security Risks

TLDR?  Slack! Everyone loves it – but it’s not without its security risks. Aside from the platform’s own vulnerabilities, Slack is notorious for data leakage and the insider threat. Slack’s native security capabilities aren’t enough to protect your organization. Tools like cloud-based DLP and CASB 2.0 frameworks are a must-have tool to protect sensitive data […]

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Why is Data Loss Prevention Failing for Financial Services?

TL;DR Meeting compliance demands, and keeping data safe, is proving an ongoing challenge for the financial services industry.  In 2020, 198 fines were imposed against financial service institutions, up 141% from the year before, with penalties totaling $10.4 billion. Most FS companies have a DLP solution in place. What they don’t realize is that their […]

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How does AI & ML Stop Data Loss?

TL;DR  The proliferation and dispersion of data in the cloud-first world makes protecting sensitive data more challenging than ever.  Legacy DLP solutions can no longer keep pace. They’ve become inefficient, cumbersome and hinder IT team productivity.  Organizations should look to next-generation DLP tools, which incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning. These tools are proven to […]

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Making Slack HIPAA compliant

Is SaaS HIPAA Compliant?

SaaS tools must be used in accordance with HIPAA to be compliant.

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How to Prevent Data Loss On Slack

How to Prevent Data Loss On Slack?

How Secure Is Slack For Your Business? TL;DR?  Slack is used by 12 million people across the globe each day, including over 750,000 businesses and many Fortune 100 companies. (source)  As hybrid work continues to evolve, Slack is replacing email and project collaboration for businesses across sectors, changing how they communicate with colleagues, partners, customers […]

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How to Secure Remote Work with Zero Trust?

The world of work is constantly changing. If you look back at the last 20 years, you’ll realize by just how much. Fax machines, file cabinets and long days in the office are mostly a thing of the past. Now, people work from anywhere, on any device, at any time.  Technology, of course, is the driving force […]

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SASE- Delivering Healthcare to the Edge

SASE: Delivering Healthcare to the Edge?

Healthcare providers, hospitals and medical institutes have rapidly evolved over the last 18 months. While digitalization was already a focus in this sector, the pandemic forced organizations everywhere to press hard on the accelerator. As Satya Nadella famously said, organizations worldwide saw “2 years of digital transformation in 2 months.” Healthcare, though, is extra unique within […]

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How did the Twitch data leak happen? (hint: unpaid privacy debt)

Twitch, the live-streaming platform from Amazon, recently announced that it suffered an enormous data breach that exposed the company’s source code, users’ income streams and more. The breach was posted on the message board 4chan, a popular hacker forum. Worryingly, the hacker’s post suggested that this leak was just the start. It labelled the post […]

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Top 7 DLP Fails

Data loss prevention (DLP) is meant to do exactly what it says on the tin: prevent data loss. For today’s enterprises, this is a huge concern. Who doesn’t want to protect their reputation, assets, and bottom line from the fallout of a data breach or compliance fine? In line with this, the DLP market is […]

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Top 5 Reasons why Security Trainings Fail?

The cybersecurity training market is “globally exceeds $1 billion in annual revenue” and is constantly growing at about 13 percent per year(KnowBe4). An employees’ actions can damage an organization’s security and lead to many large expenses due to information breaches. Employees (and their corresponding mistakes) are the single biggest security risk for organizations.  An average […]

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How did T-Mobile Breach Occur?

Mobile carrier T-Mobile suffered a massive data breach recently, the 5th such occurrence in the last four years. Preliminary analysis revealed that the breach affected nearly eight million current postpaid customers and forty million former or prospective clients who had applied for credit with the company. The compromised data is as sensitive as it could […]

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