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Standardized SaaS Compliance Across Your Environment

While most competitors will inundate with alerts, Polymer takes a contextual approach to risk identification.

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Standardized SaaS Compliance across your environment

Self-learning Risk Engine

1. Contextual Risk Identification

Risks on the cloud can become ‘low’ -> ‘high’ with a small change in the context of the event. Polymer differentiates these events for actionable insights and remediation

2. Audit

Any User interaction with data assets is tracked and audited. This includes access, sharing and downloads. Helps satisfy most audit requirements from SEC, FINRA & GLBA & others.

3. Data Protection

Auto remediate risk of data leakage or misuse autonomously

4. Compliance

With highly granular audit and detailed contextual map of events, compliance teams have multiple ways of monitoring and applying compliance protocols

5. Data Mapping

Polymer captures the SaaS events’ metadata that can be merged with existing Data Catalog products already in use

6. Ongoing SOC Controls

SOC2 Type2 requires evidence of ongoing controls and governance. Polymer provides the reporting and remediation capabilities to satisfy most auditors’ demands.

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