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FS messaging violations

Why does the $1.8B fine on US big banks make data loss prevention essential for all financial services firms?

This week, The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  hit more than a dozen banks with fines totaling almost $2 billion.  The likes of Bank of America, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and more must pay $125 million each to the SEC for improper use of messaging apps, collaboration tools and other unauthorized services for communication, without […]

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Employee training for remote teams

How to win at cybersecurity training for remote & hybrid employees

If you’re like most organizations with knowledge workers, you probably allow your employees to work remotely at least some of the time. This trend is on the rise and, by 2028, it’s expected that 75% of organizations across the world will enable hybrid and remote work. While the work-from-anywhere approach has its perks, it also […]

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Image of Twitter logo on mobile phone

5 lessons to be learned from Twitter whistleblower allegations

You’d think that a technology company as large and influential as Twitter would be hot on the case of data privacy and cyber security. Well, recent allegations claim the opposite is true.  This week, an 84-page whistleblower report hit the headlines, featuring damning allegations about Twitter’s security practices. This is a report with weight. It […]

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How did Cisco get hacked?

Overview of the Cisco data breach  On Wednesday, August 10th, 2022, the networking giant, Cisco, confirmed that it suffered a data breach on 24th May of this year. Below, we’ll talk you through how the hack happened, what data was lost and who was responsible.  We’ll also discuss key learnings from the incident, so you […]

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What is a software bill of materials?

A SBOM is an inventory of metadata. It enables developers to track each of the components used to create their customized software.

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Employee training and compliance

4 tips for training & enforcing data compliance

69% of employees have received cybersecurity training from their employers, yet 61% fail basic security tests. What’s going amiss?

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4 WFH mistakes employees make that put data security at risk

Remote work is exacerbating data security risks in general and specifically for SMEs. Employee training and a DLP reduces data exposure risk.

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what is NIST framework

What is NIST framework?

The technology industry is still technically in its infancy. Every year, it seems that innovation hurls forwards in leaps and bounds. At the same time, the cyber security risks that organizations face are constantly evolving too.  Because everything is, well, so new, there’s a lack of standards and rules out there for mitigating cyber risk – […]

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How does business email compromise (BEC) occur?

These days, everyone’s heard of ransomware. It’s touted as the most threatening form of cybercrime out there.  But, actually, it’s not. The FBI’s annual cybercrime report found that Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks account for losses that are a massive 64 times worse than ransomware. While ransomware contributed $29 million in losses, BEC caused over […]

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Why is email still the biggest source of sensitive data leaks?

Buckle up… It’s time for some hard truths about your company’s security. You might think that you’re doing every right. You train your employees, use anti-virus and anti-malware technologies, and have an email filter solution in place. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to protect yourself from today’s breaches–and it’s definitely not enough to meet compliance standards […]

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What makes a good security engineer? 7 traits to look for when hiring

So, you’ve started the process of hiring a security engineer. Your job ad is live, and you’ve already received a few resumes. As you begin to line up your interviews, you’re wondering how you’ll know when you’ve found the right candidate. The right security professional needs to be more than an excellent cultural fit. They […]

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