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Ticketmaster data breach: Everything you need to know

On May 28, 2024, media outlets reported that Live Nation Entertainment and its subsidiary Ticketmaster suffered a significant data breach impacting over 560 million users.  Here’s everything you need to know.  A timeline of the Ticketmaster data breach This breach first came to light after an infamous hacking group, ShinyHunters, put 1.3 terabytes of stolen […]

Artificial intelligence

Inside Slack’s AI training controversy

Last week, a security researcher discovered that the workplace communications platform Slack trains its AI models using customer data. Worse still, all Slack users are opted-in by default.  Naturally, the revelation led to uproar amongst the Slack community, with many people concerned about improper usage of their personal data. However, all is not what it […]


Dell data breach: Everything we know so far 

Dell has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this past week, after a malicious actor took to the media claiming he accessed 49 million Dell customer records without the company knowing.  Here’s everything we know so far.  How did the Dell data breach happen?  On May 10th, an individual identifying as Menelik […]


Data leak at Home Depot exposes employee details

On Thursday, April 4, an entity identified as IntelBroker disclosed personal data concerning 10,000 Home Depot employees on a dark web hacking forum. Five days following the breach, Home Depot issued a statement shedding light on the incident. Here’s what we know so far.  How did the Home Depot data leak happen?  In a media […]

Fujitsu data breach

Fujitsu malware hack: What we know so far

This week, Fujitsu, a prominent IT company based in Japan, announced the discovery of malware on its corporate network, which may have been used to gain unauthorized access to personal information belonging to customers or other parties. This incident adds to Fujitsu’s recent controversies, including its involvement in the British Post Office scandal. Here’s what […]

Microsoft Teams Data Breach

Unveiling Microsoft Teams vulnerabilities: risks and protections

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular corporate messaging and file storage software platforms in the world, used by over one million organizations. But, like all software, Microsoft Teams is liable to vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit.  Just a few months ago, security researchers discovered a bug in Microsoft’s software that allowed them […]

Verizon Data Breach

Verizon insider data breach

Telecommunications and media giant Verizon suffered a data breach impacting over 60,000 employees after one employee gained unauthorized access to sensitive files containing personally identifiable information.  How did the Verizon data breach happen? According to a data breach notification shared with the Office of the Maine Attorney General, a Verizon employee “inappropriately handled” a file […]

Data breach

26 billion records leaked in “mother of all breaches”

In January 2024, a security researcher uncovered a colossal database comprising 26 billion leaked records pertaining to millions, possible billions, of individuals. The breach is thought to be the largest in history and is being called the “mother of all breaches.” What happened & who is impacted in the massive leak? Security researcher Bob Diachenko […]

Microsoft OAuth Data Breach

Lessons learned from the Microsoft OAuth attack

Microsoft has revealed that Russian state-sponsored threat actors successfully breached its corporate email system, stealing sensitive email attachments and messages from the senior leadership team.  This was not a sophisticated attack based on zero days or vulnerability exploits. The attackers leveraged simple cloud misconfigurations and poor password management practices to breach the company.  All companies […]

Mercedes-Benz Data Breach

Human error triggers Mercedes-Benz sensitive data leak

In a recent security lapse, Mercedes-Benz inadvertently exposed a wealth of internal data when a private key, providing “unrestricted access” to the company’s source code, was found in a public GitHub repository.  Details about the Mercedes-Benz data exposure During an internet scan in January 2024, a threat hunter at RedHunt Labs stumbled upon a Mercedes […]

Raptor Technologies

Over 4 million sensitive school records exposed in cloud data leak

This week, thousands of schools across the US became embroiled in a mass data leak, after the school safety software company—Raptor Technologies—accidentally left troves of sensitive data exposed on the internet.  What happened with the Raptor Technologies data breach?  On January 11, a cybersecurity researcher unearthed a concerning discovery: an unprotected database housing an estimated […]


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