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Prevent data leaks in SaaS and GenAI tools with Polymer. Our active learning platform provides the visibility, control, and remediation workflows you need to scale your data security.

Go beyond alerts. Take immediate action on threats, stay compliant, and adapt to business needs.


Reduce data classification noise 

Data security can be very noisy. That’s because it’s not one-size-fits-all.  

Polymer uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to tailor data security for your organization. Enable your security team, regardless of size, to cut through the noise.

Flexible DLP for SaaS & GenAI

Reduce sensitive data exposure across your organization’s cloud apps today. Polymer’s enterprise-grade data loss prevention (DLP) platform is agentless and can be installed in minutes. Customize workflows to save your security time and train employees to become better data stewards.

Data classification

Highly granular entity identification for structured & unstructured data at rest and in-transit.

Polymer’s proprietary ML allows organizations to feature-set their own entities and incorporate intellectual property rules in the platform.

Risk scan & scores

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You’d need an army of analysts to keep up with the data moving across your cloud apps.

Polymer’s risk scans and scores help your security team easily identify the platforms and employees that pose the greatest risk so they know what threats to prioritize.

Employee training & nudges

Employee training & nudges

Most of today’s top security vulnerabilities come from well-meaning employees who are not aware of your data policies or best practices.

Polymer was designed to warn or nudge users in real time when data policies are violated to reduce the same risky behavior in the future. Empower all employees to take control of data security.

Flexible remediation

Save your security team time with Polymer’s custom remediation workflows.

Enable automatic, real-time remediations like redaction, deletion, and file expiration. Or, take manual action when a policy violation is detected.


Protect sensitive data in popular chat, file storage, codebase, ticketing, and GenAI tools.

Google Drive
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft OneDrive

Protect sensitive data in minutes

  • Low-code set up
  • Seamless integration with legacy DLP
  • Pre-built policy templates (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA)
  • Automatic detection of 150+ data elements
  • Context mapping
  • Risk scans, scores, and reports
  • Real-time warning and remediation
  • Employee training and nudging
  • Unparalleled cross-cloud visibility

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