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Prevent data leaks in SaaS and GenAI tools with Polymer. Our platform is equipped with active learning and provides the visibility, controls, and remediation workflows you need to scale your data security.

Go beyond alerts. Take immediate action on threats, stay compliant, and easily adapt to business needs.


Reduce noise & data exposure in minutes

Traditional data loss prevention (DLP) solutions aren’t built for the highly-collaborative cloud apps that employees rely on across the enterprise.

Polymer is an agentless data security platform that uses advanced machine learning (ML) techniques to inspect data at rest and in transit. Our dynamic policy engine contextualizes data so you can easily identify threats and mitigate risks—retroactively and in real time.

Flexible DLP for SaaS & GenAI

Polymer is redefining DLP for modern enterprise workflows. It gives your security team the flexibility and granular controls they need to scale cybersecurity and data governance strategies.

Dynamic policy engine

Polymer leverages AI to contextualize risk and trigger security workflows based on the granular controls you set.

Automatically identify, classify, and remediate exposed data. Create security alerts for risky data sharing and anomaly events. Nudge employees to reduce risk over time.

Active learning

Employee training & nudges

Most of today’s top security vulnerabilities come from well-meaning employees who are not aware of your data governance policies or best practices.

Polymer was designed to warn or nudge users in real time when data policies are violated to reduce the same risky behavior in the future. Empower all employees to take control of data security.

Real-time data maps

You’d need an army of analysts to keep up with the data moving across your cloud apps.

Polymer’s historical and real-time reports help your security team easily identify the platforms and employees that pose the greatest risk so they know what threats to prioritize.


Protect sensitive data in popular chat, file storage, codebase, ticketing, and GenAI tools.

Google Drive
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft OneDrive
Sensitive Data Management

Sustainable sensitive data management

Our AI-powered platform contextualizes risk and gives you unparalleled visibility and control of your sensitive data throughout its lifecycle.



After a quick and secure installation, Polymer runs a historical scan to provide a baseline risk assessment and remediation plan. Get in-depth insight into your cloud environments.



Polymer monitors data flow 24/7, enabling early detection of security events. Trigger automated workflows like remediations, alerts, and nudges with Polymer’s granular policy controls.



Polymer improves your data security posture over time with active learning. Deliver customizable training to employees at the point of policy violation.

Empower your security team

  • Secure single-tenant hosting
  • Low-code set up
  • Seamless integration with legacy DLP
  • Pre-built data governance templates (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2)
  • Detection and classification of 250+ data elements
  • Comprehensive data mapping and reports
  • Real-time warning and remediation options
  • Point-of-violation training and nudging

Compare DLP platforms

Polymer for SOC

Polymer was built with security teams in mind. We know you’re overextended and traditional DLP tools often create more noise. That’s because data security is not one-size-fits-all. Our dynamic policy engine enables you to tailor policies to your organization—what’s detected, who’s alerted, where it’s surfaced, and how it’s remediated.

Polymer for Compliance

Polymer for Compliance

It’s hard to keep up with evolving data privacy and security regulations. With Polymer, you get a comprehensive suite of features to simplify regulatory compliance across the cloud. Our platform can act as a controller or validate if existing controls are working within your data governance program.

Polymer for Development

Staying competitive in the market does not mean you have to sacrifice data security. Polymer incorporates data protection into your existing tech stack and workflows—including GenAI tools like Copilot and ChatGPT. We also partnered with Phylum to provide end-to-end software supply chain security.

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