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Polymer DEP vs Other DLPs

Polymer goes beyond just alerts to auto-remediate risks in near real time.

  • Powered by high fidelity natural language processing and granular user access controls
  • Polymer limits sensitive data exposure at the point of entry—freeing up collaboration
  • Be up and running in under a minute with compliant policy templates
  • Configure and adapt to your business without IT
  • Essential addition to your information security stack to plug governance gaps from using SaaS applications
Polymer DEP


Start with one and add more over time on your data risk mitigation journey

Why Polymer?

Why Polymer?

Adopt SaaS Platforms Securely

The proliferation of cloud collaboration apps introduces new and unique data transfer risk. Human error in the usage of SaaS platforms is the single biggest source of HIPAA, PCI & PHI data exposure today.

Experience Polymer

Polymer is designed with you in mind. It can be as simple or complex as you would like it to be. Try it now with easy onboarding and HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, PHI and other templates. Immediately understand and begin mitigating risk. Customize over time, if necessary.


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What is Cloud Account Hijacking?

What is Cloud Account Hijacking?

Cloud account hijacking is a serious problem for companies across sectors. 86% of IT leaders said this form of cybercrime cost them more than $500k last year. 

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