Data Privacy as a Service

Polymer protects against data loss & cyber breaches on on modern collaboration tools like Slack, Github, Zendesk, Dropbox, Zoom and more with configurable real-time encryption & permissioning of sensitive and regulated information such as PII, PHI, financial and security data.
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Data Sharing does not need to be an all-or-nothing exercise. Selective sharing allows access to information on a strictly need-to-know-basis.
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Our Customer's Usecases

Secure Cloud Migration for Customer Data

Encrypting all private customer data from documents, JSON, Database records, XML as it moves from onpremise datastores to AWS S3, Box, Snowflake and GCP Cloud Storage

Virtual Compliance Officer

Our Slack and Zoom integrations secure an organization’s remote teams. Monitoring public channels to redact and minimize PII data exposure. PCI and SOC 2 compliant.

Data Access for Remote Teams

Share encrypted PII data with remote teams for code-testing and development. Reducing operational risk by preventing customer data from leaving US servers

Document Sharing

AMicro-encryption of sensitive customer data within documents and unstructured datasets for easy sharing with external partners. Only permissioned users can see full details.

Data Musings Video Series

Discover Personally Identifiable Information Within Your Enterprise

AI-based classification of all key elements within your data. Seamless masking and encryption of those terms so you can safely store and even share your documents via AWS, GCP, Box, Snowflake etc.

Role-based partial encryption

Enterprise-grade data warehouse

Data knowledge graph within enterprise to find intersecting PII

Encrypt or Mask Unstructured Data in Documents, Database records & Streaming Data

Avoid storing unencrypted sensitive customer data (SSN, DOB etc.) on-premises

Securely migrate sensitive data on the cloud

Sanitize documents being sent externally via emails or other systems.

CCPA, NY Shield, Washington Privacy, Illinois Privacy, COPAA and GDPR Compliance

De-identification of Customer Information

Unique customer pseudonyms

Redaction of sensitive data.

Data Catalog to Monitor your Enterprise PII Footprint

Detailed diagnosis of what kind of information is found within your documents, cloud storage buckets, data-stores and databases.

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