Data Governance & DLP for 3rd Party SaaS Applications

Polymer provides real time monitoring, redaction and permission of sensitive data within SaaS for organizations. 1-Click Install and customizable HIPAA, CCPA, PII, PHI, GDPR policy frameworks gets our clients up and running within minutes.

Next-Gen Data Loss Protection

Using cloud-hosted machine learning, Polymer identifies sensitive data in mid-transfer and encodes that data to prevent unauthorized accounts from ever seeing protected information. Polymer’s easy to use administrative dashboard allows simple user and role management to determine who can see what.

A self-learning engine provides increased accuracy and flags for suspicious activity based on usage patterns. Privacy and security officers see significant cost reduction while implementing a robust data privacy program.

Polymer can monitor, secure and redact sensitive data across dozens of collaboration apps.

Standard PII

Age, Credit Card Number, Email, Ethnic Group, Name, Location, Phone Number


Driver's License Number, Taxpayer ID, Passport Number, Social Security Number, Vehicle ID


IBAN, SWIFT, CUSIP, Routing Numbers




IP Address, Hardware ID, MAC Address


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Addresses & Private Keys


API Keys, your application UUIDs, and much more

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January 19, 2021

Insider-Threat Protection for Financial Services: Implementation Challenges for SaaS Applications

January 10, 2021

SolarWinds related org vulnerability caused Microsoft source code breach: A case of data loss protection for Github & Bitbucket

Codebase security goes beyond vulnerability analysis and access controls. Security and governance protocols need to think of risk reduction in scenarios where some parts of the source code repositories may be exposed. Removal of sensitive data, secrets and credentials within Github,Gitlab & Bitbucket repositories is of paramount importance towards making organizations more secure.
January 10, 2021

Are Offshore Engineers a Security Risk?

Hiring offshore security engineers is more common than ever post-pandemic. While it’s cost effective, hiring an engineer from outside the country comes with a number of security risks. The following are five reasons why you should closely consider the implications of offshoring your data security:

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