Smart, scalable data loss prevention

Polymer helps organizations protect sensitive data across cloud apps. Automatically reduce the risk of data exposure, train your employees in real time, and stay HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR compliant.


The fast & easy way to secure your data

Polymer uses advanced machine learning techniques to make data loss prevention (DLP) smarter. That means better cloud security for your organization with less headache. Automatically detect data vulnerabilities, remediate policy violations, and mitigate ongoing security risks with Polymer.


Data protection where you need it most.
Polymer integrates with popular SaaS apps.

Slack Integration
Google Drive Integration
Microsoft OneDrive Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
Box Integration
Github Integration
Bitbucket Integration
Zapier Integration

Protect PII, PHI, & more in minutes

  • Low-code set up
  • Pre-built policy templates (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA)
  • Automatic detection of 150+ data elements
  • Real-time remediation
  • Context mapping
  • Customizable nudges and training
  • Risk scores, reports, and dashboard
  • Unparalleled cross-cloud visibility

Compare DLP platforms

Comprehensive DLP for SaaS

Reduce the threat of sensitive data exposure across your organization’s cloud apps now, not months from now. Polymer’s enterprise-grade DLP platform can be installed in minutes and protects your organization without disrupting workflows. Polymer can monitor your apps silently or empower employees to make better data security decisions the moment violations occur.

Risk Scan

38%Google Drive

How much sensitive data is in your SaaS apps? Polymer’s fast, free Risk Scan will:

  • Identify PII, PHI, and more.
  • Catalog data within documents shared across the workspace.
  • List publicly-shared links containing sensitive information and external users with access.

Detailed reports

You’d need an army of analysts to keep up with the data moving across your cloud apps.

Polymer’s granular reporting helps your information security team easily identify the employees and platforms that pose the greatest risk so they know what threats to prioritize.

Enterprise-grade platform


Polymer offers unprecedented cross-cloud visibility and one hub to manage DLP centrally on a single tenant with dedicated KMS keys.

Integrate seamlessly with your legacy DLP solution to get comprehensive coverage.

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