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Data security controls

Is generative AI putting your company at odds with GDPR?

As the capabilities of AI continue to expand, governments and regulatory bodies are racing to define the rules that will govern its use. While specific AI laws are yet to be codified, it is increasingly clear that organizations and AI providers must exercise caution in the deployment and use of generative AI technologies.  This is […]

Healthcare symbol

How is AI changing the role of the CISO in healthcare?

From drug discovery to enhanced diagnosis to HR processes, the applications for AI across the healthcare ecosystem are almost endless. With these systems relying so heavily on data, it’s natural that the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is entering a new era.  While two years ago, just 19% of CISOs sat on […]

Data privacy

Is it ever safe to share confidential data with generative AI?

The robots are coming, and they’re set to change how we live and work forever. According to McKinsey research, half of today’s workplace tasks could be automated between 2030 and 2060, with generative AI set to add $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion to the global economy each year. But as Einstein once wisely said, “’with […]

5 LLM risks for enterprise organizations

Data challenges in AI: Lessons from cloud digital transformations

AI is transforming businesses, but it’s important to learn from past digital transformation challenges. MDM is key to AI success, but it’s complex and challenging. AI deployments are vulnerable to data quality issues, sensitive data leakage, and data poisoning. DLP for AI chatbots is a critical last line of defense.

Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF)

Mastering ethical AI: Unpacking NIST’s game-changing risk framework

The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) made an exciting move on January 26, 2023, by releasing Version 1.0 of the Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF). This framework is a promising, reputable tool for organizations looking to navigate the world of artificial intelligence (AI) ethically. Here’s what you need to know. What […]


What does generative AI mean for insurance premiums?

Generative AI has taken the world by storm. But, for all the benefits of this revolutionary technology, cybersecurity and risk leaders are right to have a few concerns. Currently, just 20% of companies have risk policies in place for generative AI, yet three-quarters believe it will introduce new security risks.  It’s not just businesses concerned […]

Data loss prevention

5 tips for CISOs to prepare for SEC cybersecurity compliance

In a landmark development that will reshape how public companies navigate cybersecurity risk, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given the green light to a set of rules that demand greater diligence in cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident disclosure. As of December this year, public companies will be required to promptly […]


How is AI changing the role of the CISO in financial services?

For financial institutions, AI’s diverse skill sets hold the potential to yield significant benefits. From enriching employee and customer experiences to optimizing backend operations, this flourishing technology promises to boost efficiency, accuracy and much more. In fact, according to one study, AI-driven tools can empower banks to achieve a 2-5X increase in interaction and transaction […]

Data security controls

Noisy DLP? Regular expressions are probably to blame

Ask any security professional what their biggest headache is with data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, and you can bet they’ll say: false positives. Erroneous noise, which happens when a policy is triggered by mistake, has become all too common. Plus, every alarm needs to be investigated, meaning these noisy solutions drastically harm productivity in the […]

Sensitive data exposure

Are your customer service agents being exposed to sensitive customer data?

Customer service teams are often the first point of call for your customers. Armed with tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, HubSpot, Kustomer, and more, they’re on the front lines, tackling order disputes, service issues, inquiries, and account updates. Beyond that, they also play a vital role in upholding cybersecurity. While they’re certainly not expected to find […]

Polymer & Phylum

What are the risks of using AI in the software development life cycle?

Authors: Yasir Ali (Founder, Polymer DLP) & Aaron Bray (Founder, Phylum) Software supply chain is at risk with LLM adoption Developers now have access to powerful generative AI models that assist in writing code, automating mundane tasks, and improving productivity. While this technology holds tremendous promise, it also brings to light a pressing concern—the potential […]


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