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How to Prevent Data Leak from Google Drive

SaaS DLP (Data Loss Prevention) – also known as a SaaS Data Exposure Prevention – is the best way to secure sensitive data in Google Drive

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The top data security risks of Google Workspace  

Top 6 google workspace security risks and how best to address them

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How to Apply Incident response for SaaS?

TL;DR An incident response plan is the rulebook that you follow in the event of a security incident – you need a unique one for SaaS security events However, a great theoretical plan won’t get you far unless you have the tools that provide you with granular visibility into your SaaS applications Organizations must take […]

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Microsoft Teams is it really secure

Is your Data Secure on Microsoft Teams?

TL; DR Microsoft Teams users are sharing data, chats, links and files more than ever. If this data isn’t shared in the correct way, this could lead to company-wide compliance failures or even a data breach.  Common security risks in Teams include accidental data leaks, access from unknown devices, data residency and malware. In the […]

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Why Google Drive’s native DLP isn’t enough 

TL;DR The flexibility and easiness of accessing Google Drive is also one of its biggest downfalls when it comes to data security. Google’s DLP tool isn’t granular or accurate enough to achieve 100% compliance with regulations like HIPAA and PCI-DSS. It’s also prone to generating false positives – and sometimes misses sensitive data altogether. We […]

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What is NIST Framework?

The technology industry is still technically in its infancy. Every year, it seems that innovation hurls forwards in leaps and bounds. At the same time, the cyber security risks that organizations face are constantly evolving too.  Because everything is, well, so new, there’s a lack of standards and rules out there for mitigating cyber risk – […]

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How is HIPAA being upgraded for Remote Work?

TL;DR Changes to the HIPAA Privacy Act are expected this year At their core, these changes will improve healthcare provider interoperability and empower patients with more rights around their health data Now more than ever, healthcare organizations must embrace cloud DLP to keep up with the changing regulatory landscape It’s been a long time since […]

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How To Secure Identity & Access Management

TL;DR Your employees’ passwords are a holy grail to hackers Identity and access management is crucial to mitigating the risk of compromised credentials For complete protection, you should complement traditional IAM with data-centric access management Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report found that stolen credentials were the top causes of data breaches for the fourth year in a […]

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5 Ways Cloud DLP Helps Secure PHI

TD; LR? The healthcare industry has consistently suffered the highest data breach costs for the last ten years. Something is clearly going amiss. Human error, a lack of visibility, cyber-attacks and cloud data leakage are all common reasons for healthcare data breaches. To continue innovating with confidence, healthcare organizations should look to cloud DLP. The […]

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Data Security Challenges Posed by Slack & Teams for Financial Services

TLDR?  Slack and Teams usage is sky-rocketing in FS organizations but, in a sector that is highly regulated, these tools are a massive data security risk. Slack and Teams can often be ‘black boxes’. The IT team has no idea what data is being shared and with whom, making it impossible to ensure compliance requirements […]

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How to Secure Data in Your SaaS-Based Collaboration Tools

TL;DR?  While SaaS applications are great for productivity, they are becoming a massive data security risk; 98% of companies experienced at least one cloud data breach in the past 18 months To secure SaaS apps, organizations need a new approach. They must move away from perimeter security to data-centric security underpinned by cloud DLP Introduction […]

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