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Dell data breach: Everything we know so far 

Dell has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this past week, after a malicious actor took to the media claiming he accessed 49 million Dell customer records without the company knowing.  Here’s everything we know so far.  How did the Dell data breach happen?  On May 10th, an individual identifying as Menelik […]

Generative AI

Data security’s role in powering generative AI success

The impact of generative AI on the business world is undeniable. This transformative technology is poised to revolutionize industries much like the internet did, with promises of heightened productivity and cost efficiency across the board. But for all its potential, generative AI also creates immense data security and compliance risks that could damage an organization’s […]

Artificial intelligence

How AI is transforming the SaaS landscape

Over the past decade, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications have transformed the way we live and work.  From Microsoft Teams and Slack, which revolutionized workplace communication, to the likes of Netflix and Spotify, which completely changed how people consume digital media, the ubiquity of SaaS apps in daily life cannot be understated.  And now, we are entering […]


Navigating Slack vulnerabilities: awareness to action

In the last ten years, Slack has soared in popularity as a critical workplace tool. Praised as the cornerstone of employee efficiency, it’s hailed for its speed, ease of use, and instant communication capabilities, enabling teams to bypass the formality and delays often associated with email. However, alongside its productivity and collaboration benefits, organizations must […]

Data security for AI

AI governance: a simple solution to a complex problem

Generative AI tools are undoubtedly the future of workplace productivity. In fact, innovations like Bard and ChatGPT are already impacting employee workflows in a positive way.  As research from Deloitte shows, generative AI can be a growth catalyst for organizations of all sizes. From improving customer service to enhancing HR management, the power of generative […]


The complete guide to data loss prevention (DLP) software in 2024

In this guide to data loss prevention (DLP) software, we’ll help you understand the current DLP landscape, offering actionable advice on what DLP is, the different types, and what to look for in an effective solution.  Introduction to DLP Data Loss Prevention (DLP) serves as a technology-driven approach to identifying and safeguarding sensitive data, including […]

Dropbox GitHub Data Breach

Decoding Dropbox vulnerabilities: A comprehensive guide

The cloud storage service Dropbox is used by over 17.2 million individuals and organizations worldwide. This SaaS platform makes it easy to store, manage, and collaborate on documents from anywhere, on any device.  However, despite its popularity, Dropbox has a checkered past when it comes to data privacy and security. Here, we’ll look at Dropbox’s […]

notion security notion data security is notion secure

Is Notion secure? What you need to know about Notion vulnerabilities

In the eight years since it launched, Notion has become a much-loved collaboration and productivity tool used by enterprises large and small across the globe.  Because it’s intuitive to use, cloud-based and brimming with helpful features, many employees rely on Notion for tasks like note taking, sharing documents, project management and database storage.  But, despite […]


Data leak at Home Depot exposes employee details

On Thursday, April 4, an entity identified as IntelBroker disclosed personal data concerning 10,000 Home Depot employees on a dark web hacking forum. Five days following the breach, Home Depot issued a statement shedding light on the incident. Here’s what we know so far.  How did the Home Depot data leak happen?  In a media […]

CISOs and Polymer

5 things CISOs achieve with Polymer data security

It’s a difficult time to be a chief information security officer (CISO). Today’s IT estate is vast, complex and opaque—a jumble of on premises systems, unmanaged devices, SaaS applications and generative AI tools. Sensitive data could be anywhere and, as we all know, the cost of that data being leaked, lost or stolen is higher […]

Internal Cybersecurity

Active learning: The next frontier of cybersecurity awareness training

Today’s organizations are investing in cybersecurity controls and technologies more than ever before. It’s easy to understand why. Data breaches and compliance fines aren’t just inconveniences in the modern world of business. They’re potential points of failure. A wide scale security incident can completely erode customer trust and the bottom line, putting some organizations out […]


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