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AI Data Leak Risks

Navigating AI risks: Top data leak threats for enterprises in 2024

Authors: Yasir Ali & Armando Pauker As we start 2024, the enterprise realm is witnessing a transformative wave with the escalating adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). This surge in AI integration, stretching across many industries, brings with it a critical focus area: heightened data security risks and the looming threats of data breaches. As businesses […]

Data security controls

NASA’s DLP program fails to lift off

Houston, we have a problem. NASA may have put men on the moon, but its privacy program is in need of some rocket fuel.  That’s according to the aerospace agency’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), who recently reviewed NASA’s privacy program and found its data loss prevention (DLP) approach to be astronomically lacking.  In an […]

Raptor Technologies

Over 4 million sensitive school records exposed in cloud data leak

This week, thousands of schools across the US became embroiled in a mass data leak, after the school safety software company—Raptor Technologies—accidentally left troves of sensitive data exposed on the internet.  What happened with the Raptor Technologies data breach?  On January 11, a cybersecurity researcher unearthed a concerning discovery: an unprotected database housing an estimated […]

Generative AI

Can SASE secure generative AI applications?

According to the analyst firm Forrester, this year is going to be a major one for generative AI (GenAI) data breaches and compliance fines. It’s easy to see why. While the accidental insider threat has long been a leading cause of cybersecurity incidents in the enterprise, the rise of applications like ChatGPT and Bard mean […]

Generative AI

The rewards & risks of generative AI in the software development life cycle

As a savvy developer, you know that generative AI is a must to boost your productivity, speed and efficiency.  But, you’re also cautious.  You read about the Samsung data breach (where employees unwittingly input confidential source code into ChatGPT and faced disciplinary action as a result), and you don’t quite know how to reap the […]

Cybersecurity training

Need to know: NIST’s upcoming guidance on cybersecurity awareness & training

It’s been 20 years since the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its guidance on building enterprise security awareness and training programs. A lot has changed since then.  With new attack types, the advent of cloud applications, the work-from-anywhere era, and generative AI, NIST has realized that their previous idea of effective training […]

Polymer holiday giveaway

2023 Polymer holiday giveaway

During the holiday season, we like to share one of our favorite books with friends of Polymer. It’s become a yearly tradition. In 2022, we gifted Michael A. Singer’s The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection. It’s an impactful memoir about how Singer decided to embrace the flow of life. This personal shift led […]

MongoDB breach

MongoDB data breach: Customer data stolen in cyber attack

It’s not a happy holiday for MongoDB after the company was the victim of a cyber attack involving the theft of sensitive customer information.  MongoDB offers an open source NoSQL database management program for over 46,000 customers as an alternative to traditional relational databases.  Here’s everything we know about the data breach so far, including […]

Data security and compliance

How to overcome the data governance challenges of generative AI

According to new McKinsey research, companies that fail to embrace generative AI are setting themselves up for serious competitiveness issues down the line.  You might be thinking, “That’s not a problem for my organization. We’re already experimenting with generative AI.” But, how you deploy AI is far more important than simply using it.  It comes […]

AI in the workplace

How to draft an acceptable use policy for generative AI

“To ban or not to ban?” that is the question most executives are mulling over when it comes to generative AI. It’s no wonder, really. Already, we’ve witnessed a highly publicized ChatGPT leak at Samsung, after employees unwittingly shared sensitive information with the large language model.   However, while banning may be a quick-fix solution, it’s […]

Dollar Tree breach

Millions impacted by Dollar Tree supply chain breach

You might be confident in your cybersecurity posture, but if you don’t know how your suppliers approach data protection, you’re still at risk of a huge data breach.  That’s precisely what happened to Dollar Tree. Over the weekend, the well-known discount retailer hit the headlines after falling victim to a supply chain cyber attack. And, […]


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