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Polymer DEP trains employees and prevents sensitive data exposure across your SaaS Apps without slowing your business

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Polymer DEP with NetSkope

Netskope customers can extend superior DLP functionality to SaaS platforms and Users using Polymer DEP.

Learn how Polymer expands Netskope’s capabilities

Polymer DEP vs other CASBs & DLPs

Legacy CASBs & DLPs are manual and overwhelm security teams with alerts. Polymer DEP extends capabilities and adds automation.

Learn how Polymer excels over most SaaS DLPs

Polymer with Proofpoint

Using Proofpoint for your end points? Polymer DEP extends the solution internally preventing internal exposure before the end point is reached.

Learn how Polymer expands Proofpoint capabilities?

Polymer with Forcepoint

Extend DLP from Forcepoint infrastructure to SaaS and users using Polymer DEP.

Learn how Polymer works with Forcepoint

Polymer with ZScaler

Polymer DEP is a critical addition to ZScaler installs for SaaS environments and user level data risk mitigation.

Learn how Polymer can expand on ZScaler SaaS capabilities

Polymer with SIEM

Polymer DEP reduces clutter into existing SIEM interfaces such as Splunk from events detected in SaaS platforms.

Learn how Polymer can add actionable telemetry to SIEMs

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See how Polymer can protect your company.