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Privacy & Governance Policy for Your SaaS Apps

GDPR, CCPA and other privacy frameworks mandate a strict inventory of how customer data and pii is used within the organization. Polymer DLP tracks and prevents sensitive data exposure across your SaaS Apps without slowing your business

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Elevate Your Privacy Program

Polymer’s context-driven entity recognition provides an autonomous system to remediate at-risk sensitive data. The solution educates employees on privacy policy and their ensuing responsibilities. Employee behavior is the largest privacy and security risk.

Automate your Privacy Program

Autonomous Privacy Enforcement

1. Identification

Natural Language processing and regular expressions are used in concert to identify and confirm with high-fidelity sensitive data elements throughout your SaaS apps.

2. Auto-Remediation

This identification is compared against user access permissions existing or potential to prevent erroneous sensitive data exposure. Automation eliminates the need for operational oversight or monitoring.

3. Audit

User interactions with sensitive data assets or PII is tracked and available for reporting. This includes access, sharing and downloads for a complete report.

4. Data Catalog

Inventory of all sensitive data across your cloud platforms in one place. Knowledge Graph Enabled contextual searching for Right to Access or Deletion requests. Data Mapping Available.

5. Training

Policy training and enforcement built in. Training deck, quiz and follow up training materials based on actual real time user actions. Behavioral Science backed micro training nudges delivered at time of potential violation.

6. Technology

Polymer’s unique ‘ML-Synthesizer’ enforces granular contextual rules and policies like GDPR. The Artificial Intelligence considers the entity and user access intersection to automatically determine risk and remediation.

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