Polymer for Healthcare

Adoption of SaaS is creating unique challenges to enforce privacy and data governance. Polymer BAA level support provides HIPAA out-of-the box

Autonomous Data Privacy & Security

Enforcement of data privacy and compliance can be complicated with involvement of technical teams working together with compliance. With a no-code solution like Polymer, get started in minutes without creating overhead on technical resources.


Extend your compliance and security

1. Auto-remediate

Any PHI or sensitive data at risk of exposure or leakage is identified and either redacted or have its permissions revoked automatically. 

4. SOC2 & ISO Controls

Ongoing monitoring of controls and data governance is not complete without deep inspection of data assets transacting over SaaS platforms. 

2. Audit

Any User interaction with data assets is tracked and audited. This includes access, sharing and downloads. Events lineage.

5. Data Mapping

Catalog of all metadata such as ‘Persons’, ‘Account ID’ with systems and usage.

3. Data Protection

Differentiate between highly sensitive patient data such as PHI, EHR or PII and apply remediation rules based on the risk level.

Improve the ROI of your existing Security & Data Infrastructure

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