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Data Loss Prevention for Healthcare

HIPAA and SaaS DLP are requirements for Healthcare. Polymer DLP provides user training and enforcement preventing violations.

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Autonomous Data Privacy & Security

Prevent data leaks with no-code Polymer DLP. PHI must be accessible and protected at all times. Polymer trains employees while automatically enforcing data protection policy. Give your data the extra layer of protections it needs for healthcare with Polymer DLP. HIPAA policy template has you running in minutes.

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Autonomous Data Privacy & Security

Free HIPAA Employee Training & Quiz

HIPAA Employee Training

Use Modern SaaS Applications With Complete HIPAA Compliance Assured

1. Training

Policy training and enforcement built in. HIPAA training deck, quiz and follow up training materials based on actual real time user actions.

2. Nudges

Behavioral Science backed micro training nudges delivered at time of erroneous share delivering game changing results when compared to traditional training.

3. Enforcement

Any PHI or other sensitive data at risk of exposure or leakage is identified and either redacted or has its permissions revoked automatically preventing violations.

4. HIPAA Report

Documentation of training and test results. Policy documents and attestations for employees. Employee performance over time and HIPAA learning captured in an employee risk score.

5. Audit Report

User interactions with sensitive data assets or PHI are tracked and available for reporting. This includes access, sharing and downloads for a complete report.

6. Technology

Polymer’s unique ‘ML-Synthesizer’ enforces granular contextual rules and policies like HIPAA. The Artificial Intelligence considers the entity and user access intersection to automatically determine risk and remediation.

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