Download free DLP for AI whitepaper


Download free DLP for AI whitepaper

Protect sensitive data in GitHub

Scan your GitHub repositories to find passwords, secrets, and other sensitive data exposed within your code. Conduct scans on demand or automatically when a repository changes.


Highly-customizable DLP

Use Polymer to customize data loss prevention based on your organization’s data policies. Monitor GitHub and detect sensitive data elements such as:

  • PII
  • PHI
  • Passwords
  • Secrets
  • Kubernetes keys

Streamlined onboarding & support

Polymer makes onboarding quick and straightforward with a low-code setup, a dedicated support team, and enterprise-grade connectivity.   

  • Upload with a file
  • LDAP
  • Okta
  • SSO

Smart data loss prevention for GitHub

Polymer finds sensitive data like PII, passwords, secrets, and Kubernetes keys in GitHub so you can prevent data exposure before code is deployed. Use Polymer to reduce the risk of data policy violations within GitHub repositories—both comments and codebase. Easily define what sensitive data is important to your organization and modify it as your data governance strategy evolves.

  • Low-code set up
  • Pre-built policy templates (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA)
  • Flexible policy generator (200+ options)
  • Context mapping
  • Automatic detection of PII, passwords, and more exposed in codebases and repositories
  • Customizable warnings when unauthorized users have access to sensitive data
  • Risk scores and dashboards
  • Usage logs and suspicious activity reports
  • Knowledge graph
  • API

Get the Polymer Installation Guide for GitHub

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Polymer automatically scans GitHub for exposed sensitive data when there are code changes within a repository.



Polymer sends customizable warnings if sensitive data is found in comments or code.



Polymer uses machine learning to report on any suspicious activity detected within GitHub.