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Prevent sensitive data loss in Slack

Get real-time visibility and control of your Slack environment. Tailor data security policies to your organization and automate regulatory compliance like HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more.

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Polymer DLP for Slack benefits

  • Agentless
  • 15-minute installation
  • Virtual private cloud hosting
    • All Slack plans supported
    • Granular policy controls
    • 40+ languages and 100+ global IDs supported

    Secure sensitive data in Slack

    Reduce the threat of sensitive data exposure in Slack today. Polymer’s enterprise-grade DLP platform is agentless and can be installed in minutes. Customizable workflows save your security team time and frustration.

    Data observability

    • Historic scan of all Slack channel messages and files
    • Data classification and comprehensive risk assessment
    • Real-time monitoring

    Flexible remediation

    • In-line redaction of sensitive data
    • Automatic message quarantine or deletion
    • Custom alerts and security workflows

    Human risk management

    Employee training & nudges
    • Point-of-violation nudges
    • User risk scores
    • User groups with privileged access


    After a quick and secure installation, Polymer runs a historical scan to provide a baseline risk assessment and remediation plan. Get in-depth insight into your cloud environments.


    Polymer monitors data flow 24/7, enabling early detection of security events. Trigger automated workflows like remediations, alerts, and nudges with Polymer’s granular policy controls.


    Polymer improves your data security posture over time with active learning. Deliver customizable training to employees at the point of policy violation.

    AI-powered data security with active learning

    Secure single-tenant hosting

    Low-code set up

    Seamless integration with legacy DLP

    Unparalleled cross-cloud visibility

    Pre-built data governance templates (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2)

    Automatic detection and classification of 250+ data elements

    Comprehensive data mapping and reports

    Real-time warning and remediation options

    Point-of-violation training and nudging

    SOC alerts via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or SIEM

    Polymer DLP for Slack vs competitors

    Feature Polymer Competitors
    AI driven entity detection with 1000+ entities out of the box
    AI-powered entity detection with 250+ entities out of the box
    Bring your own Security Policy
    Templated or custom security policies
    Intellectual Property Rule setting
    Intellectual property entity
    Inline redaction at an entity level within a file
    Inline redaction at an entity level within a file
    Quarantine of messages
    Message quarantine
    Deletion of messages
    Message deletion
    Exception Management (of DLP rules) by Privilege Employees
    Exception management for privileged user groups
    Risk Scoring of Employees
    Platform and user risk scores
    False Positive Reporting / Reinforcements to Model by Users
    False positive reports
    Entity based policy setting Employee Nudges
    Point-of-violation nudges and training
    Entity/Confidence/Threshold based options for SOC Alerts
    Entity/Confidence/Threshold based options for SOC Alerts
    User Slack as SIEM for man-in-the-middle actions by SOC
    User Slack as SIEM for man-in-the-middle actions by SOC

    Sustainable sensitive data management

    Data classification

    Polymer actively monitors and automatically classifies data that’s important to your organization in real-time as employees work in Slack. Reduce false positives with context mapping.

    Flexible remediation

    Polymer aligns with your existing operational workflows and can take automatic remediation action when policy violations occur. Tailor your approach to delete, redact or quarantine sensitive data, both in real-time and retroactively.

    Employee training & nudges

    Polymer has point-of-violation warnings within Slack to inform employees of policy violations and reduce the occurrence of ongoing risky behavior via active learning.

    Historic scans

    Polymer provides the ability to scan all Slack channels historically from inception for a comprehensive risk assessment.

    Pre-built data policies

    Polymer provides pre-built policy frameworks that can quickly be applied for HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, CCPA, ISO 27001, CMMC2.0, and GLBA compliance.

    Risk scan & scores

    Polymer’s risk scanning and scoring help your security team identify and prioritize the Slack channels and users that pose the greatest risk.

    Custom SOC workflows

    Polymer gives you the option to monitor and take action on all Slack security events through email, Slack message, or Jira ticket alerts.

    Advanced entity detection

    Polymer’s detection engine combines regex and natural language processing (NLP) to improve detection accuracy.

    Multi-language support

    Polymer identifies sensitive data in 40+ languages, covering global identifiers for 100+ countries.

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