Getting HIPAA Compliance Right

Protect health information from leaking over SaaS platforms

Plug and Play Autonomous HIPAA Governance

HIPAA is generally a challenging problem for data governance due to lack of ‘context-awareness’ of data entities such as over-alerting for Date of Births. Polymer identifies and remediates true positives vs noise with a simple to use platform


Autonomous Data Privacy

1. Identify

Polymer’s unique ‘ML-Syntesizer’ allows highly granular contextual rules to be defined¬† (or let the machine learn them in days).¬† This increases accuracy to over 90% in less than 10 days in most organizations.

2. Auto-remediate

A self-learning engine that can remove sensitive data entities within documents, images. This removes the risk without increasing overhead from resolving these incidences manually

3. Risky Users

Full transactional audit of all events and users associated with high-risk incidents. An optional employee risk scoring engine can isolate users who require additional training.

Make your Cloud Hosted Applications and operations to be hipaa compliant

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