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How does Google Drive and Dropbox Phishing Scam Works?

TL; DR  There’s a new phishing campaign you need to worry about, which takes advantage of trusted cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive. The attack starts with an email, containing a link to DropBox or Google Drive. When the victim clicks the link, they inadvertently deploy Cobalt Strike Beacons through an HTML dropper attachment […]

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Twilio data breach: What happened and Lessons to be learned!

TL; DR  Twilio recently suffered a data breach when a threat actor used SMS phishing messages to dupe numerous Twilio employees into sharing their login credentials. Twilio has since revoked the access privileges from the compromised accounts and it is currently notifying impacted customers. This breach serves as a reminder about the importance of effective […]

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Recession, Resignations & Risks of Data Loss!

Great resignation and the upcoming recession is creating large employee turnover that puts company data at risk of theft and loss.

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What is Cloud Account Hijacking?

Cloud account hijacking is a serious problem for companies across sectors. 86% of IT leaders said this form of cybercrime cost them more than $500k last year. 

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Top Cloud Data Security Risks for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

The cloud and SaaS present a new frontier for risk. SaaS DLP will make all the difference in controlling this risk and avoiding issues

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MSPs: How to help your clients get a handle on Shadow IT

IT departments have long struggled with trying to get a handle on shadow IT. How can MSPs and MSSPs help their customers with shadow IT?

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What is cloud security?

Cloud security is all about using solutions, processes and security controls to keep cloud environments secure from data loss or exposure

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PCI Compliance: getting started with data discovery

Handle credit cards? Discover how to meet PCI Compliance in the cloud with innovative data discovery solutions for SaaS applications.

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top 5 infosec predictions

What is PCI Compliance?

At its core, PCI Compliance is all about safeguarding critical information: cardholder data and preventing its exposure.  

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Verizon’s 2022 data breach report: TL;DR version

TL;DR the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) 2022 – 82% of breaches include Human Error. Train & Enforce Policy for your team.

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What is the NIST Privacy Framework?

The NIST Privacy Framework is a tool to help organizations identify, manage and mitigate privacy risks to data such as PII and PHI.

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