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Common SaaS security threats for financial institutions & how to prevent them

When HelpSystems surveyed 250 CIOs and CISOs in financial institutions to learn about their top cyber concerns and challenges, 35% of respondents cited insider threats as having the potential to cause the most damage in a year. This statistic is representative of the pervasive fear financial institutions have of insider security threats, which could prove to be […]


Behavioral science approaches towards better security outcomes

If politicians use it, then why shouldn’t enterprises? We’re talking about nudging – a form of behavioral science. The theory behind nudging is that, by presenting information in a new way, you can gently influence people towards making better choices.  The concept rose to prominence in the Obama administration, when Obama made Cass Sunstein, the […]

Data Breach

Accidental data breaches: 3 golden rules for effective cybersecurity training

Accidental data breaches are a big and rising cost for businesses. Ponemon research shows that the majority (62%) of insider threats are caused by employee negligence or human error, with the average incident costing businesses $307,000 each time. The rise of remote working, as a result of the pandemic, has created an even more fertile environment for […]


Insider trading in the post-SPAC (& Reddit) era: Who’s minding your Slack Connect & Teams?

Reddit groups behind large stock moves recently are presumably bringing the power of the masses against Wall Street. While this is technically legal, a lesser publicized shift is happening in how insider trading is proliferating via SaaS communication tools. The proliferation of SPACs is creating more opportunities for ‘small exchange of info’ to make dramatic […]

Insider threat detection

Insider threat protection for financial services: implementation challenges for SaaS applications

Research from HelpSystems surveyed 250 CIOs and CISOs in financial institutions and found that 35% found insider threats to have the potential to cause the most damage over the next 12 months. This statistic goes to show the purveying fear that surrounds financial institutions with insider security threats that could prove to be quite costly to them […]

SolarWinds breach

SolarWinds-related vulnerability caused Microsoft source code breach

The SolarWinds-related break-in into Microsoft source code should be a wake-up call to all organizations big or small. This was not due to source-code vulnerabilities but via ‘internal’ intrusion where the bad guys got inside the organization through other parts of the technology perimeter.  Code vulnerability and tighter access mechanisms is one part of cybersecurity, data protection […]

offshore security risks

Are offshore engineers a security risk?

‍ Hiring offshore security engineers is more common than ever post-pandemic. While it’s cost effective, hiring an engineer from outside the country comes with a number of security risks. The following are five reasons why you should closely consider the implications of offshoring your data security: 1. Non-disclosure agreements are impossible to enforce Many IT […]

Proxy Based SaaS Security

Top 5 security predictions for 2021

In 2020, the cybersecurity industry saw unprecedented changes and challenges partly because of the global outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic has a direct impact on many of the technological intricacies involved in the management and safekeeping of data, especially in the healthcare industry. As organizations make necessary adjustments to comply with the “new normal”, the […]


DLP for SaaS: buyer’s guide

Data loss prevention and compliance are critical functions for any company, especially when more employees than ever are working from home and creating unstructured, unsecured data without the traditional safeguards. Here we cover the essential questions to ask when choosing a SaaS solution for your organization. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & compliance for SaaS applications: […]


WEBINAR: implementing compliance, security & privacy (perspectives from high growth fintechs)

Join us on Sept. 22 at 12pm ET as we discuss the following agenda: How banks and fintechs deal with today’s new remote working environment Day 0 security mindset, security-based company stack Compliance frameworks that actually work Tech-stack and tooling considerations


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