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Compliance - CPRA and HR data

Is Employee & B2B personal data covered under the CPRA?

On August 31st, the California legislative session notably adjourned without the enactment of Assembly Bill 1102. This bill would have extended the exemption for the inclusion of employee and B2B personal data within the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). Without the exemption in place, compliance and governance around B2B and HR personal information will become […]

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What is the NIST privacy framework?

The NIST Privacy Framework is a tool to help organizations identify, manage and mitigate privacy risks to data such as PII and PHI.

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What is a software bill of materials?

A SBOM is an inventory of metadata. It enables developers to track each of the components used to create their customized software.

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CMMC compliance

Do you need CMMC compliance? You will soon.

Use a data-centric approach to proactively prevent sensitive data exposure to third parties or vendors in our increasingly connected world.

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what is NIST framework

What is NIST framework?

The technology industry is still technically in its infancy. Every year, it seems that innovation hurls forwards in leaps and bounds. At the same time, the cyber security risks that organizations face are constantly evolving too.  Because everything is, well, so new, there’s a lack of standards and rules out there for mitigating cyber risk – […]

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Why is email still the biggest source of sensitive data leaks?

Buckle up… It’s time for some hard truths about your company’s security. You might think that you’re doing every right. You train your employees, use anti-virus and anti-malware technologies, and have an email filter solution in place. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to protect yourself from today’s breaches–and it’s definitely not enough to meet compliance standards […]

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How to sell cybersecurity investments to your executive team?

Despite data breaches hitting the headlines most days, many security professionals struggle to sign off on the budgets they need to protect their organizations.  CISOs and CIOs can sometimes feel like they are speaking another language in the boardroom. Their executives are results-driven, focused on quarterly revenues and fiscal results. To them, security might come […]

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What makes a good security engineer? 7 traits to look for when hiring

So, you’ve started the process of hiring a security engineer. Your job ad is live, and you’ve already received a few resumes. As you begin to line up your interviews, you’re wondering how you’ll know when you’ve found the right candidate. The right security professional needs to be more than an excellent cultural fit. They […]

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Hiring a compliance analyst? 5 traits to look for

A good compliance team can make the difference between a company that is successful vs not. Risks related to reputation, enterprise, technology, people, third party are just some of the areas that a compliance team gets involved in. Finding the right candidate is challenging but keeping these traits in mind can help look for good […]

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data discovery guide

Guide: what is data discovery, & why is it essential?

I. Introduction 1. Definition 2. Concepts – Manual – Smart II. Importance III. Processes 1. Data preparation 2. Visual analysis 3. Guided analytics IV. Conclusion  Introduction We want to start this article by casting your mind back to the prime days of public libraries. We know that they still exist, but we also know that […]

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critical data elements

What are critical data elements (CDE), & why are they so critical for security?

Data protection and data governance are two important facets of every organization’s cybersecurity and compliance strategy. Not only that, but they’re essential to keeping things running. If your people can’t find the data they need, or it’s difficult to use, this could cause a number of problems. Plus, with the advent of both state and […]

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