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compliance for startups

A quick-start guide to data compliance for startups

It’s a well-known fact in the security community that compliance and privacy should be built into operations, software and culture from the ground up. While organizations that have been around for decades don’t have the luxury of doing this, startups are perfectly placed to bake in compliance from the outset. Curious how to do it? […]

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Cloud security

What is autonomous compliance?

The world of compliance is evolving at an astounding rate. It seems like there’s a new regulation every year. Plus, with the advent of state compliance laws, companies will soon have to deal with a myriad of shifting expectations around how they deal with consumer data.  On top of this, frameworks like ISO 27001 and […]

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PCI compliance

PCI Compliance: getting started with data discovery

Handle credit cards? Discover how to meet PCI Compliance in the cloud with innovative data discovery solutions for SaaS applications.

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what is PCI compliance

What is PCI compliance?

At its core, PCI compliance is all about safeguarding critical information: cardholder data and preventing its exposure.  

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SEC disclosure requirements

Hiring a compliance analyst? 5 traits to look for

A good compliance team can make the difference between a company that is successful vs not. Risks related to reputation, enterprise, technology, people, third party are just some of the areas that a compliance team gets involved in. Finding the right candidate is challenging but keeping these traits in mind can help look for good […]

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Zendesk: is sensitive data exfiltrating via tickets?

Zendesk offers a lot of tools to help businesses improve the customer experience, including help desk functions, email marketing, live chat and customer engagement tools. As part of this, Zendesk hosts and provides historic trail for a wealth of customer data – some of which is highly confidential, such as credit card information or addresses.  […]

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