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generative AI

What are 5 most common SaaS security mistakes?

All great business leaders are adept at managing and mitigating risks. In the middle of an economic downturn, for example, you probably wouldn’t start increasing your overheads. Or, if you opened an office in an area with high-crime rates, you’d ensure to install CCTV cameras and other physical security measures at all entry points. And […]

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end user training

How to win at cybersecurity training for remote & hybrid employees

If you’re like most organizations with knowledge workers, you probably allow your employees to work remotely at least some of the time. This trend is on the rise and, by 2028, it’s expected that 75% of organizations across the world will enable hybrid and remote work. While the work-from-anywhere approach has its perks, it also […]

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Microsoft 365 Russian hack

How did russian hackers target Microsoft Office 365 accounts?

Background on Cozy Bear Cozy Bear is a Russian cyber-espionage group classified by the United States federal government as advanced persistent threat 29 (APT29).  It’s responsible for several high-profile data breaches over the last few years, including the SolarWinds attack and recent Google Drive phishing scams.  While APT29 is notorious in the public domain, the group’s infamy hasn’t […]

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is microsoft secure

Is your data secure on Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has fast become a staple in the modern workplace. Each day, more than 145 million people use it for business communications. In a world where people are rarely in the office five days a week, Team facilitates the rapid communication and data sharing that employees need today.  However, while communicating is certainly easy […]

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data security FS Slack Teams

Data security challenges posed by Slack & Teams for financial services

As the financial services (FS) sector embraces new ways of working and digital transformation, communication tools like Slack and Teams are helping employees to find new efficiencies and better collaborate with partners, customers and clients. Platforms like Slack and Teams are highly versatile–and they are constantly adding new functionality that makes them more appealing to […]

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SaaS data security

How to secure data in your SaaS-based collaboration tools

Introduction *News flash*. Your cloud applications are a massive data security risk. We’re not saying don’t use cloud apps, but we are saying: invest in securing them properly. Otherwise, you risk the fallout of a data breach and hefty compliance fine. Here’s everything you need to know about SaaS apps and data security. What’s a […]

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Missed-configuration: the MS PowerApps fiasco

When you hear the words: “Microsoft” and “data breach” in the same sentence, chances are your eyes will widen with panic. The ubiquity of Microsoft’s software and hardware means that most organizations and people interact with the brand in one way or another. Whether it’s Teams, Office 365, or Power Apps, Microsoft is everywhere. The […]

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data breach risks in Microsoft teams

Data breach risks from Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has rapidly turned out to be the to-go-to application for remote work, accelerating exponentially in usage over the last twelve months. Teams boasts an impressive 145 million active daily users, marking a 26 percent increase up from 115 million daily active users in October 2020. However, despite the intrinsic trust, the success of […]

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