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Microsoft Office 365 Russian Hack

How did russian hackers target Microsoft Office 365 accounts?

Background on Cozy Bear Cozy Bear is a Russian cyber-espionage group classified by the United States federal government as advanced persistent threat 29 (APT29).  It’s responsible for several high-profile data breaches over the last few years, including the SolarWinds attack and recent Google Drive phishing scams.  While APT29 is notorious in the public domain, the group’s infamy hasn’t […]

Zero trust security

How to secure identity and access management

Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report found that stolen credentials were the top causes of data breaches for the fourth year in a row. In our hyper-connected, primarily remote, SaaS-dominated working world, email addresses and passwords are the lock and keys of employee productivity. Unfortunately, though, if hackers get their hands on these details, they could steal a […]

When documents attack

When documents attack: malware inserted in attachments

Document-based malware is pretty common these days. An email analysis by Barracuda Networks revealed malware hidden in documents accounts for over 50 percent of all malicious files.  This trend appears to be gaining momentum as cyber crooks continue to spam documents, according to WatchGuard, a tech security company. While these documents look legit, they come […]

third party app risks

Third-party installed apps: hidden risks inside your SaaS platforms

Installed 3rd Party Apps over SaaS platforms are for enterprise what mobile App Store apps were for consumers in 2009. You think you are getting a free ping pong game without realizing that all your contacts, personal messages and location history is being exfiltrated to external servers! Optimized workflow. Better collaboration. Improved user experience.Increased performance. That’s […]


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