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Data Breach Procedures

Security & privacy in the decentralized tech stack (especially in the post-Covid world)

Enterprise privacy practices and security posture in general have not kept up with the increasingly decentralized tech stack.  The remote workforce phenomenon recently, and cloud adoption in general, is accelerating adoption of tools and services that should trigger a ‘rethink’ by enterprises to look deep into data breach risks from within. Background As an organization […]

Data Breach

Data breaches: the new normal?

Equifax. Target. Marriot. Delta Airlines. Recognizable names of course, but as of late, perhaps for the wrong reasons. Every day, malicious actors take the web in search of valuable personal information, made available through the misguided handling of customer data by companies across the globe. When they come for your company, don’t be surprised–almost 30% […]


Collaborative software, micro-services & their impact on data privacy

The proliferation of cloud apps has created high-network user groups. The ease of integrating with Rest APIs has the added benefit of sharing data and files between Slack, Google Sheets and other SaaS products. However, sensitive data in multiple places within open chat channels creates a compliance headache of managing data-leak and regulatory risk. Collaboration […]


The power of nudge in data privacy & security

Nudge refers to “Influencing people’s behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their incentives.”–Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein (“Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness”) In this blog we will explore the behavioral science’s concept of ‘nudge’ in improving the security and data privacy posture of organizations. There are […]


7 tips to secure enterprise data with remote teams

1. Up-to-date anti-virus on home computers We recommend organizations to disburse employees to download the version of Norton or McAfee for home computers and devices. 2. Update your passwords, immediately! OnePassword or using Apple or Google Keychain can helpcreate long and safe passwords on home devices. A good password increases your security by 2X from […]


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