Download free DLP for AI whitepaper


Download free DLP for AI whitepaper


  • Master data management (MDM) is the cornerstone of effective enterprise data security, helping you bring consistency, accuracy, and accountability to your most important data sets. 
  • Building an MDM strategy takes time, resources, and the right tools. Start with a small-scale MDM project to avoid overwhelm.  
  • Consider mapping out your critical data sources and setting up a data governance committee. Also, make use of data loss prevention (DLP) tools to discover, classify, and control sensitive data.

Building a security program without knowing what you are securing is a fool’s folly. An inventory of assets is a necessary first step towards a comprehensive enterprise risk program. Assets can either be physical (such as laptops, server racks, offices) or digital (software, data, reports).

Master Data Management (MDM) is the methodology to catalog data assets and their corresponding relationship across databases, applications and object stores.

Polymer is a no-code data loss prevention (DLP) platform that allows companies to monitor, auto-remediate, and apply behavioral techniques to reduce the risk of insider threats, sensitive data misuse, and leakage over third-party SaaS apps. Try Polymer for free.


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