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  • Data Protection: Polymer secures data across diverse IT landscapes with advanced features like observability, noise-free DLP, and active learning.
  • AI Security: Ensure safe deployment of AI models with bi-directional monitoring, robust logs, e-discovery, and user training.
  • Visibility: Gain granular insight into data flows with AI-driven visibility and control features.
  • Compliance: Automate compliance policies, streamline audits, and ensure regulatory adherence effortlessly.
  • Supply Chain Security: Polymer facilitates efficient data management and mitigates risks across supply chains with real-time redaction and alerts.

It’s a difficult time to be a chief information security officer (CISO). Today’s IT estate is vast, complex and opaque—a jumble of on premises systems, unmanaged devices, SaaS applications and generative AI tools.

Sensitive data could be anywhere and, as we all know, the cost of that data being leaked, lost or stolen is higher than ever before. 

Despite the pressure mounting on CISOs to secure data and meet compliance mandates, budgets are also increasingly tight. CISOs are tasked with boosting cybersecurity resilience while embracing as few new tools as possible—and, of course, proving the ROI of every investment quickly. 

It’s certainly a tall order. But it’s also exactly what Polymer data security was designed for. 

Here’s a deeper look at what our platform can help CISOs achieve.

1. Mitigate data leakage and theft 

Data leakage in cloud applications like Slack, Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the number one cause of accidental data breaches. 

Be it an employee accidentally sharing sensitive data with the wrong recipient or incorrectly configuring document access rights, it’s far too easy to inadvertently trigger a data breach in the SaaS landscape. 

At the same time, there’s also the risk of credentials compromise, where malicious actors use legitimate employee credentials to break into their accounts, steal data and commit fraud. 

Polymer directly mitigates both of these risks. Here’s how: 

  • Data observability: After a quick and secure installation, Polymer runs a historical scan to provide a baseline risk assessment and remediation plan. It then leverages AI to contextualize risk and trigger security workflows based on the granular controls you set.
  • No noise: Traditional data loss prevention (DLP) solutions aren’t built for the highly-collaborative cloud apps that employees rely on across the enterprise. Polymer is an agentless data security platform that uses advanced machine learning techniques to inspect data at rest and in transit. Our dynamic policy engine contextualizes data so you can easily identify threats and mitigate risks—retroactively and in real time.
  • Active learning: Once Polymer detects policy violations, it uses active learning to automatically warn employees of a risky share, redact the sensitive information, or delete it.
  • Unification: You’d need an army of analysts to keep up with the moving pieces across all of your SaaS apps. That’s why Polymer continuously scores risk at the individual and platform level. Detailed reporting helps your information security team prioritize and easily identify the users and platforms that pose the greatest risk so they know what to act on first. 

2. Safer AI rollout 

Deloitte research shows that 80% of CEOs are keen to accelerate enterprise generative AI rollout. But embracing large language learning models (LLMs) can easily become a security and compliance nightmare. 

With risks such as data exfiltration via conversational AI bots, intellectual property theft and unauthorized sharing of customer data, CISOs are acutely aware that they need to deploy the appropriate guardrails before moving ahead with generative AI deployment. 

That’s where Polymer for AI comes in. CISOs can plug LLM models like Cohere, ChatGPT, Anthropic or custom APIs through Polymer for secure deployment. 

Polymer DLP enables: 

  • Bi-directional monitoring and remediation: Our advanced monitoring system scans and analyzes conversations, both initiated by employees and generated by LLMs, to prevent data exposure. Bi-directional monitoring and remediation ensures that sensitive data is never received by employees, even if inadvertently generated by ChatGPT. 
  • Logs and audits: Our robust logging and audit features give you deep visibility into employee transactions, help you track policy violations, investigate data breaches, and monitor ChatGPT’s usage patterns. 
  • E-discovery for GenAI interactions: Our solution enables organizations to efficiently conduct searches and retrieve relevant generative AI interactions when faced with e-discovery requests. Meet your legal and regulatory obligations, and facilitate investigations, audits, and legal proceedings with ease using Polymer DLP for AI.
  • User training and nudges: Our platform supports point-of-violation training, providing real-time nudges to users when violations occur. This approach has proven to reduce repeat violations by over 40% within days. Additionally, Polymer offers workflows that allow users to accept responsibility for sharing sensitive data externally when it aligns with business needs

3. Unparalleled visibility of data flows 

It’s imperative to know exactly how data is being used within your organization. Without diligent oversight, vulnerabilities will emerge, resulting in blind spots for data exfiltration.

But understanding the access and use of sensitive data extends beyond just human users. There’s also applications to consider. 

When applications interact with sensitive data, they often generate duplicates of the data in memory or storage. However, these duplicated data instances might lack the stringent security measures applied to the original data, thereby creating opportunities for vulnerabilities.

To maintain security, Organizations need to establish comprehensive visibility and control over these data flows, and Polymer can help.

Our solution enhances your data visibility by offering an intricate, detailed perspective of unstructured data flows in SaaS applications. This is achieved by harnessing the power of AI, natural language processing and LLMs to significantly ramp up the speed and precision of classification across the cloud.

The result is granular insight and control over data lineage, access and usage. 

Regulatory mandates like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) set strict limitations around personal data usage and geo-based movements.

Breaching these regulations can result in severe financial and reputational repercussions. However, maintaining the right controls is also a challenge. Simply accessing data from different locations can undermine compliance efforts, exacerbating data governance and security concerns.

The underlying issue is poor visibility and control over data at rest and in transit, which creates struggles for compliance teams with regards to factors like upholding data residency, data minimization, transparency and data protection. 

Polymer is purposefully crafted to overcome these challenges. Our engine acts as your self-governing compliance officer, automatically implementing cloud compliance policies and safeguarding sensitive data to ensure regulatory compliance.

Simultaneously, we aid in streamlining auditing processes by tracking, automatically rectifying, and logging policy violations without human intervention, with compliance teams promptly alerted to any high-risk incidents.

5. Supply chain security 

Data governance has swiftly transitioned into a compulsory aspect of supplier relationships for organizations.

Simultaneously, many companies are facing heightened difficulties in tracking data as it disperses across various cloud applications and devices.

Our low-code solution is quick to install and empowers organizations to efficiently map, classify, and manage sensitive data with minimal manual intervention.

Utilizing AI to track and monitor sensitive data as it traverses endpoints and cloud-based applications, Polymer significantly mitigates the risk of data loss, theft, or exposure, while enhancing visibility.

With real-time redaction and alert capabilities, we streamline the organization and visibility of data sets, alleviating security concerns for you and your suppliers.

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Polymer is a human-centric data loss prevention (DLP) platform that holistically reduces the risk of data exposure in your SaaS apps and AI tools. In addition to automatically detecting and remediating violations, Polymer coaches your employees to become better data stewards. Try Polymer for free.


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