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Notion is a game-changing collaboration tool for enterprise teams, and we’re excited to be part of this journey. We use Notion and have been a fan of the product for years. That’s why we’re thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate with Notion on a product integration. Notion has streamlined our workflows and unlocked new levels of productivity. It’s reduced the friction caused by multiple workspaces and data sources.

Now that Notion supports security information and event management (SIEM) and data loss prevention (DLP) integrations, we believe it’s well-positioned to become an integral enterprise tool. It’s the place for safe, secure, and scalable real-time collaboration

Data security can be noisy

At Polymer, we know the challenges of data security and governance first-hand. What data does your organization consider sensitive? Where is that data? Who has access to it? The answers to those questions vary tremendously from organization to organization (even in the same industry). For more on that topic, read our blog post: Data challenges in AI: Lessons from cloud digital transformations. Collaborative SaaS environments only complicate things further. It’s difficult to contextualize data-at-rest and data-in-motion without completely overwhelming security and compliance teams.

Polymer DLP is built to contextualize data risk in collaboration tools. Whether it’s PHI, PII, or intellectual property, Polymer’s advanced AI capabilities allow you to construct unique, targeted data policies. Polymer’s custom policy builder with granular controls gives you the ability to detect sensitive data in Notion and automate the remediation action that makes the most sense for your workflows. Polymer provides real-time visibility of the sensitive data across your Notion workspace. 

How does Polymer DLP for Notion work? 

Polymer has native discovery, classification, and control features that make Notion security workflows seamless for both business users and SOC teams. These features include:

  • Policy builder with granular controls specific to Notion
  • 200+ pre-built entities and unlimited custom entities (NLP & regex) 
  • Context mapping
  • Data maps and classification of Notion content using proprietary NLP
  • Platform and user risk scores
  • Notion page access visibility and controls
  • Automatic and manual remediation options
    • Redact sensitive data within any Notion block
    • Expire links to Notion pages shared publicly or to unauthorized users
  • Customizable security alerts and workflows
  • Configurable event dashboard
  • Nudges and point-of-violation training
  • Advanced reporting

Using Polymer DLP for Notion means you can enable your business and embrace the future of real-time collaboration while protecting your data. Building a strong culture of data stewardship within your organization starts with tools like Polymer that fit seamlessly into existing or new workflows. Learn more about Polymer DLP for Notion or request a demo here.

Polymer is a human-centric data loss prevention (DLP) platform that holistically reduces the risk of data exposure in your SaaS apps and AI tools. In addition to automatically detecting and remediating violations, Polymer coaches your employees to become better data stewards. Try Polymer for free.


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