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what is DLP

What is data loss prevention (DLP)?

Data breaches have become a regular mainstay of daily life. For every security patch or vulnerability disclosure, it seems there’s a corresponding data loss incident somewhere. Consider the following recent incidents: Hackers penetrate security camera startup Verkade, potentially affecting up to 150,000 CCTVs worldwide. Home-based healthcare provider Elara Caring discloses a phishing attack that may […]

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What is personal identifiable information (PII)?

In a hyper-connected world, individual data footprints can be found everywhere. Each day, millions of people share information like email addresses, banking details and telephone numbers across applications and web browsers.  This type of information is known as personally identifiable information (PII), and there’s a 100% chance your organization processes it – either via customers, […]

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employee cyber risk

Monthly cyber risks report for all employees-security culture builder

According to a 2021 PwC report, 71 percent of CEOs in the United States want to know their companies’ day-to-day cyber threats. Still, that doesn’t mean they understand the intrigues of cybersecurity. As a CISO, this translates to three things: You’ll need to keep the C-suite adequately informed about current cyber threats. You must create […]

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Stop email phishing with behavioral science

An insightful interview with Zachary Eikenberry (founder of Hook Security). In this video we discuss:– Humans as the most vulnerable security aspect of an org– The power of nudge– Humor to educate on tough topics– Easy ways of stopping email phishing

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What is shadow IT?

Lurking in the shadows of every organization, employees are accessing, transferring, and downloading sensitive company information – without the IT team’s oversight. This is shadow IT: the use of technology systems, like applications, devices and cloud services, that are not approved by the IT department.  Picture this: an employee installs Slack, which is not the […]

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what is a data breach

What is a data breach?

In July 2019, the security hotline for Capital One received an anonymous call. According to the tipster, some of the bank’s most sensitive data had been leaked on the web – and they were right.  Within a few days, the FBI was able to trace the breach back to a malicious insider: a software engineer […]

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data classification

What is data classification?

Unstructured data in documents, chats & tickets is making up a higher percentage of total data-footprint in organizations. Transactional databases and customer tables might still be the predominant form of system-of-record but generally these are also being fed from and used alongside SaaS platforms. Understanding what data an organization possesses is the first step towards […]

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What is OSI

What is the OSI model?

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is a concept for standardizing the communication functions of a computing or telecoms system, regardless of the system architecture or technology. It aims to make different communications systems interoperable by enforcing a common communication protocol. The OSI model was the first standard model for network communications, introduced in 1983 […]

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Zendesk: is sensitive data exfiltrating via tickets?

Zendesk offers a lot of tools to help businesses improve the customer experience, including help desk functions, email marketing, live chat and customer engagement tools. As part of this, Zendesk hosts and provides historic trail for a wealth of customer data – some of which is highly confidential, such as credit card information or addresses.  […]

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third party app risks

Third-party installed apps: hidden risks inside your SaaS platforms

Installed 3rd Party Apps over SaaS platforms are for enterprise what mobile App Store apps were for consumers in 2009. You think you are getting a free ping pong game without realizing that all your contacts, personal messages and location history is being exfiltrated to external servers! Optimized workflow. Better collaboration. Improved user experience.Increased performance. That’s […]

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two factor authorization

Two-factor authorizations: no longer an option for any organization

As cybercrime increases amid the COVID-19 chaos, companies are struggling to protect their customers’ data, putting many at risk of becoming victims of credential and identity theft. A password system alone isn’t enough to keep your organization safe from hackers, who have become much more skilled and sophisticated than ever before. Learn more about two-factor […]

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