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Improve your Security ROI

Move beyond alert fatigues.

Take a look at how Polymer capabilities stack up against competition.

Polymer with NetSkope

Current Netskope Users can automate remediation on SaaS platforms using Polymer.

Polymer vs other CASBs & DLPs

Most CASBs & DLPs are too manual and overwhelm security teams with alerts.

Polymer with Proofpoint

Using Proofpoint for Email or other end points? Polymer plugs in with most types of existing installations.

Polymer with Forcepoint

Retrofit your Forcepoint infrastructure for the remote work era using Polymer plug-in.

Polymer with ZScaler

Discover how Polymer is a critical addition to ZScaler installs for certain high risk SaaS environments.

Polymer with SIEM

Polymer can reduce clutter into existing SIEM interfaces such as Splunk from events detected in SaaS platforms.

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