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Better data loss prevention for SaaS

Companies of all sizes are moving their work to the cloud. Employees are using more SaaS apps than ever. That leads to more sensitive data exposure and risk for data leaks.

Polymer data loss prevention (DLP) can protect your business without slowing down your employees.

  • Install easily
  • Reduce human errors
  • Automate compliance
  • Create a privacy culture
  • Scale data governance

Human-Stack is the biggest Security Threat

Employee behavior with sensitive data and credentials is the greatest security risk in 2022. Security awareness and periodic training are important but often fall short in changing behavior. Polymer’s SaaS DLP nudges users when sensitive data is shared un-securely providing continuous training, driving real results and automatic remediation provides an extra safety net.

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Human Stack
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Policy Templates, Materials and Support for HIPAA, PCI, PHI, GDPR, Cloud Credentials, CCPA and others. No Code customization and configuration available after set up. An API is also available.

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Graph QL Powered Self Learning Engine

Polymer’s learning algorithm is built on an advanced graph ql data structure. A metadata centric knowledge graph enables the AI to make sophisticated contextual decisions in its remediation pathways. Ultimately, the flow of knowledge can be tracked and influenced.

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Graph Enabled Self Learning
Building a Culture of Privacy and Security

Building a Culture of Privacy and Security

Security aware culture is the best defense against ransomeware, data breaches & insider threats. Polymer’s nudge at erroneous share approach is backed by behavioral scientists as a superior training method. In addition to the better training and nudge, Polymer takes remediation action and prevents sensitive data exposure. Training and enforcement.

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Complete Compliance

Polymer provides a complete SaaS DLP solution that understands and works with people. Training, enforcement and audit. Choose one of our common policy frameworks or design your own. The solution will do the work: training, enforcing and reporting on usage and violations.

Works for all sizes of organizations and can be tailored to your specific needs and priorities. Set it and let it do the work for you.

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