Why Polymer?

Risk, Legal & Security functions are merging and that requires a new way of approaching Data Loss Protection.

Polymer is designed with input from hundreds of security, compliance and legal professionals. 

Human-Stack is the biggest Security Threat

Less than 10% of Employees are responsible for 71% of Risk from data breach or accidental exfiltration. Security is a people-risk first and technology-risk second. 

Security awareness and training is important but often fall short in influencing ‘stupid’ behavior. Polymer VCO nudges users when sensitive data is shared un-securely and has proven to reduce sensitive data traffic over SaaS platforms by over 50% within 4 weeks of using Polymer

Get Started in Less than a Minute

You can get started with most integrations via our Self Serve Install Page. Templates for HIPAA, PCI, PHI, GDPR, CCPA are available for use. Custom compliance policies can be configured seamlessly by any non-technical user.

Graph-enabled Self Learning Engine

Underlying Polymer’s learning algorithm is a data structure built on advanced graph database capabilities. A metadata centric knowledge graph allows to query and build a contextual catalog of data assets across siloed environments. This enables the platform to looks at risks holistically across multiple end points.


Building a Culture of Privacy and Security

Security aware culture is the best defense against ransomeware, data breaches & insider threats. Polymer approach to using any data malpractice by a user as a learning moment. 

‘Nudge’ is a powerful tool to reduce users from repeating past mistakes. It is also effective in reducing risky data sharing behavior by over 70% in 1 month.

Automated Compliance

Polymer ease-of-use and low-operational overhead is a frictionless way to jump start your compliance, security or privacy programs. 

If you already have a GRC team or a Chief Data Office, Polymer can enrich Data Mapping, Critical Data Element Discovery and allow insights into actual metadata usage within live environments.

The automated remediation of risks makes your VCO a great addition to small or large GRC teams.

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