Monitor and secure sensitive data like
PII/PHI/HIPAA within your Slack channels

Sensitive Data

Default Rules for common data elements such as:

Enterprise Connectivity

Enterprise Connectivity such as:
Slack User Directory
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Organizations can monitor and permission sensitive data within public and shared Slack channels. Polymer is a no-code 1-click installation to transform your Slack platform to become CCPA, GDPR & HIPAA compliant. Sensitive data definition can be modified after installation to allow customized privacouy policies to be implemented. Whether your organization is using Slack as a knowledge sharing platform or an integration hub for other applications, Polymer Virtual Compliance Officer can reduce risk of unnecessary sensitive data exposure.

Use Polymer VCO DLP to:
Track and report on PII/PHI data statistics in real time over chats and attachments
Modify and add out-of-the-box sensitive data definitions from a list of 100+ element types
Maintain sensitive data usage logs and reporting
Warn users if they are sending confidential or regulated information
Real time redaction of PII/PHI data elements within most document types as well as chats
Authorized users can unlock redacted contents seamlessly
Knowledge graph for federated reporting across other platforms where Polymer is installed


Silently report on Sensitive Data traffic in public Slack Channels


Nudge' users to reduce sharing of sensitive data with a warning in realtime


IBAN, SWIFT, CUSIP, Routing Numbers

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