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Digital risk in the age of AI webinar

Join us for a critical discussion about the rapidly increasing digital risks in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Kurtis Minder, CEO & Co-founder of GroupSense, will share his extensive knowledge of digital risk solutions and cyber reconnaissance to provide solutions for organizations.


  • Brief overview of digital risk in today’s landscape
  • Review of AI technologies and their implications for cybersecurity
  • How to leverage AI to identify and mitigate risks in real-time
  • Case studies of successful AI-driven security implementations
  • Predictions for the future of AI in cybersecurity
  • How to prepare for emerging threats and technological advancements
  • Best practices for responding to ransomware attacks
  • Insights into the role and strategies of a ransomware negotiator


Kurtis Minder – CEO & Co-founder, GroupSense

Kurtis Minder is the CEO and co-founder of GroupSense, a leading provider of digital risk solutions. Kurtis built a robust cyber reconnaissance operation protecting some of the largest enterprises and government organizations.

Kurtis has been the lead negotiator at GroupSense for ransomware response cases. He has successfully navigated and negotiated some of the largest ransomware, breach, and data extortion cases worldwide.

With over 20 years in the information security industry, Kurtis brings a unique blend of technical, sales, and executive acumen.

Yasir Ali – CEO & Founder, Polymer

Yasir Ali is the founder & CEO of Polymer, a data loss prevention platform for SaaS apps and AI tools. Before founding Polymer, Yasir consulted with large financial institutions to solve problems related to data, technology, and regulations. Prior to that, he worked as a bond trader at Bear Stearns, Barclays, and various hedge funds. Yasir is passionate about data security and compliance. He regularly writes and speaks about data governance and how organizations can reduce the risk of inadvertent or malicious leakage of PII, PHI, and other sensitive data.

Data loss prevention in the age of AI

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