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Code security in the age of AI webinar

Join us for an in-depth discussion about code security in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Developers at over 37,000 organizations use AI tools to assist in writing code. The risks of AI-adoption in the software supply chain need to be understood better.


  • Risks and opportunities of using GitHub Copilot and other AI code-writing tools
  • Software bill of materials (SBOM) and if SBOMs help in understanding risk
  • Liabilities of AI adoption and gaps in current regulatory frameworks
  • Risks of using AI in the software supply chain
  • Copyright infringement in the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Best practices and tools to safeguard the SDLC


Aaron Bray – CEO & Co-founder, Phylum

Aaron has 14 years of experience working in software engineering and information security. He spent 11 years working within the U.S. Intelligence Community before joining Sony to lead development for the Global Threat Emulation cell. Aaron’s past research has focused on program synthesis, malware diversity, software anomaly detection, and the application of natural language processing techniques to binary analysis.

Yasir Ali – CEO & Founder, Polymer

Yasir Ali is the founder & CEO of Polymer, a data loss prevention platform for SaaS apps and AI tools. Before founding Polymer, Yasir consulted with large financial institutions to solve problems related to data, technology, and regulations. Prior to that, he worked as a bond trader at Bear Stearns, Barclays, and various hedge funds. Yasir is passionate about data security and compliance. He regularly writes and speaks about data governance and how organizations can reduce the risk of inadvertent or malicious leakage of PII, PHI, and other sensitive data.

Data loss prevention in the age of AI

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