A digital officer that automatically takes action to reduce risks defined by your company’s compliance, privacy and security policies

Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO)

A digital officer that automatically takes action to reduce risks of data exposure due to breaches or employee errors.

Whether you are concerned about 1 SaaS platform or multiple, check out Polymer VCO. Targeted outcomes include:

  • Reduce incidents of sensitive data malpractice within days
  • ‘Trust-but-Verify’ your SOC program
  • Move your business faster to be cloud native by  reducing exposure of sensitive data on public cloud hosted applications
  • Launch a Data Governance program using Polymer, if you don’t already have one

Polymer VCO is your ideal partner whether you are beefing up your existing Compliance, Security or Risk teams or launching your SOC/data governance journey.

Security Scan

An assessment of data exfiltration risks arising from humans and 3rd Party Apps. 

We want you to get a sense of what Polymer VCO can do by offering a complimentary point-in-time Security & Privacy Scan.

Get to know your SaaS Risk Score. 

Use this scan to:

  • Report on your privacy and security posture
  • Satisfy Vendor Risk Assessments (VRA) & other counter-party questionnaires 
  •  Verify your PCI, HIPAA, PHI, GDPR (and others) compliance for heavily used employee platforms

Deployment options

Polymer works with companies as small as 20 person to 30,000+ user base. Range of install options are available based on your business needs and constraints.

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