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Virtual Compliance Officer SaaS DLP VCO

A digital officer that educates and automatically takes action to reduce risks of data exposure due to breaches or employee errors.

Whether you are concerned about a single SaaS platform or multiple, check out Polymer VCO. Targeted outcomes include:

  • Reduce incidents of sensitive data malpractice
  • Complete compliance solution
  • Train, Enforce & Audit Policy
  • Detect anomalous behavior or activities
  • Launch a Data Governance program in minutes

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Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO)

Polymer VCO is your ideal partner whether you are beefing up your existing Compliance, Security or Risk teams or launching your SOC/data governance journey.

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Security Scan

Security Scan

An assessment of data exfiltration risks arising from humans and 3rd Party Apps.

We want you to get a sense of what Polymer VCO can do by offering a complimentary point-in-time Security & Privacy Scan.

Get to know your SaaS Risk Score.

Use this scan to:

  • Report on your privacy and security posture
  • Satisfy Vendor Risk Assessments (VRA) & other counter-party questionnaires
  • Verify your PCI, HIPAA, PHI, GDPR (and others) compliance for heavily used employee platforms

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