JDBC Driver

Monitor user access to sensitive data within folders and allow users ability to share sensitive data securely by redacting any PII/PHI data elements on demand.

Sensitive Data

Default Rules for common data elements such as:

Enterprise Connectivity

Enterprise Connectivity such as:

Database query results in real-time. Polymer is a no-code 1-click installation to secure data access to most popular databases. Policies such as CCPA, GDPR & HIPAA and others can be set at Org and User level to reduce undue exposure via Business intelligence platforms or direct database connections. Sensitive data definition can be modified after installation to allow customized privacy policies to be implemented dynamically across the org.

Use Polymer VCO DLP to:

  • Track and report on PII/PHI data statistics in real time over chats and attachments
  • Modify and add out-of-the-box sensitive data definitions from a list of 100+ element types
  • Maintain sensitive data usage logs and reporting
  • Warn users if they are sending confidential or regulated information


Redact sensitive data from database queries based on user access permissions

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