No Code Data Protection

SaaS applications open up multiple ways of sensitive data leaking from company domains. Insider threat, sloppy operations or ransomware can expose PII & PHI data over cloud hosted applications

Automate the security stack

Polymer’s context-driven risk recognition underpins an autonomous platform that learns from historic usage patterns. This self-learning engine is then able to predict and prevent privacy violations before they occur.


Automate Data Loss Prevention

1. Autonomous Privacy & Trust

Polymer provides a plug and play enforcement of HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, COPAA and other privacy regulations 

4. Data Mapping

Map your data assets to how they are being used and by whom

2. Autonomous Data Governance

Monitor & control access to sensitive data without creating overhead for existing operational workflows

5. Assessment

Measure your data controls with a real time dashboard on data movement events occurring over your SaaS platforms

3. Autonomous Security

Reduce amount of sensitive data at risk for ransomware or data theft

secure sensitive data usage over third party saas applications

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