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Cloud security

The Demise of Email & the Rise of in-SaaS Communication presents unique Data Security Risks!

Until recently, email was the primary mode of communication in workplaces across the globe. Then, the pandemic hit and organizations quickly had to pivot their approach to collaboration. Enter cloud apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace, which are perfect for rapid, remote communication amongst employees. Even now, as life returns to normal, these […]

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How do Google Drive and Dropbox phishing scams work?

We all know what a traditional phishing scam is, where a cyber-criminal sends a fraudulent email to their victim in a bid to trick them into sharing sensitive information or downloading malware.  Phishing scams are so widespread that most email providers have now installed impressive features that block standard phishing emails. However, just because email […]

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unstructured data risks FS

The risks of unstructured data in financial services

Data is less structured and more distributed than before. People need new tools to prevent sensitive data exposure in this new SaaS reality.

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Why is DLP so important for Google Drive? 

Google Drive’s focus on ease of collaboration also makes it ripe for accidental leakage or misuse of PHI, PII & HIPAA data.

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how to prevent data leaks on google drive

How to prevent data leaks in Google Drive

SaaS DLP (Data Loss Prevention) – also known as a SaaS Data Exposure Prevention – is the best way to secure sensitive data in Google Drive

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data security risks Google Workspace

The top data security risks of Google Workspace  

Top 6 google workspace security risks and how best to address them

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Why Google Drive’s native DLP isn’t enough 

Today, more than five million businesses pay to use Google Workspace. Even if your business is a Microsoft Office lover, there’s a high probability that at least some of your employees use tools like Google Docs and Google Sheets–whether you know about it or not! It’s easy to see why people love Google Drive and […]

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SaaS data security

How to secure data in your SaaS-based collaboration tools

Introduction *News flash*. Your cloud applications are a massive data security risk. We’re not saying don’t use cloud apps, but we are saying: invest in securing them properly. Otherwise, you risk the fallout of a data breach and hefty compliance fine. Here’s everything you need to know about SaaS apps and data security. What’s a […]

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