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Key features

PCI & HIPAA Readiness

Do you have any sensitive customer data within shared documents in your Slack public channels? Is your Slack PCI & HIPAA compliant? Polymer Scan recognizes over 50 types of PHI/PII items to give you a true PCI/HIPAA readiness assessment.

3rd Party Risk Assessment

Your organization might have installed apps and extensions in your Slack environment that are listening to each and every conversation within your public or private channels. What governance do you have to approve installation of apps? Do you know the scopes of the apps currently installed in your Slack environment?

Employee Risk Scoring

Who in the company is sharing most amount of sensitive data? Do you have security training program to nudge best practices of data sharing internally?

Data Catalog for shared files

Entity level details on frequency and magnitude of sensitive data found-mapped to privacy regulations.

Want to know your Slack workplace senstive data risk?

Know the current state of your Slack workplace security profile and start protecting your internal data now.

How does the Polymer Scan Work?

Polymer Security Scan is a lighter version of the flagship Polymer Virtual Compliance Officer. The Security Scan is an in-memory analysis of your Slack public channels’ shared files and datasets. Scan also tests and detects any third party Apps that are a potential source of sensitive data exfiltration.

Polymer does not store any files or assets. It only stores the metadata that is used to create the report.

Client Testimonials

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