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Data loss prevention in the age of AI webinar

Join us for an interactive discussion about data loss prevention (DLP) in the age of AI. Our panelists work at the forefront of AI deployment and will bring their varied perspectives—tech, policy, and legal—to the conversation.


  • Lessons from past digital transformations and how they relate to AI adoption
  • What to consider when enabling AI use or implementing an AI solution within an enterprise organization
  • The data security risks associated with AI use or implementation
  • The legal, policy, and regulatory concerns that stem from AI-related data security risks
  • How to quantify the cost of AI-related data security risks
  • How to address or mitigate AI-related data security risks with processes and tools


Dave Lavelle – Director of IT, Instabase

Dave Lavelle is currently Director of IT at Instabase. He’s a veteran leader and startup advisor that has worked across the spectrum of IT. His experience includes Systems Administration, Applications, Network Operations, Data Infrastructure, Site Builds, QA, Dev and Operations environments. His former roles include Head of IT at Productive, IT Manager at Cruise, and IT Manager at Pure Storage.

Sean Shecter – Partner, Lewis Brisbois

Sean P. Shecter is a partner in the Fort Lauderdale office of Lewis Brisbois, co-chair of the firm’s Government Investigations & White Collar Defense Practice, and chair of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Practice. He is also a member of the firm’s Complex Business & Commercial Litigation, and Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Practices, and a former federal prosecutor.

Tony Lee – CISO, Board Member & Advisor

Tony Lee is a Fortune 500 CISO, founding board member of the MUTE Project, entrepreneur, and startup advisor. He’s passionate about user and data protection as well as helping businesses build secure IT infrastructure in the AI transformation.



Yasir Ali – CEO & Founder, Polymer

Yasir Ali is the founder & CEO of Polymer, a data loss prevention platform for SaaS apps and AI tools. Before founding Polymer, Yasir consulted with large financial institutions to solve problems related to data, technology, and regulations. Prior to that, he worked as a bond trader at Bear Stearns, Barclays, and various hedge funds. Yasir is passionate about data security and compliance. He regularly writes and speaks about data governance and how organizations can reduce the risk of inadvertent or malicious leakage of PII, PHI, and other sensitive data.

Data loss prevention in the age of AI

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