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Key features

Sensitive data assessment

How many files and directories have PII? Polymer Scan ensures you have the full picture of risk within your Google Workspace. From the types of sensitive data to the compliance risks, it’s time to know the current state of your sensitive data exposure.

3rd party apps installed

Your Google Workspace may have numerous apps, extensions, and scripts running on internal data. Know which companies have read/write/admin access to your GSuite workspace.

GDrive file & directory uploads

Every day your support agents and customers are uploading and downloading thousands of megabytes of files. Know the daily breakdown of sensitive chat and files in addition to which conversations have the most sensitive data.

Monthly security reports

Know the state of apps, data, and uploads all from your Polymer scan each month. Google drive files, sensitive data analysis, top PII sharing by staff — all in one report.

Want to know your Google Workspace sensitive data risk?

Know the current state of your GDrive security profile and start protecting your internal data now.