Google Drive

Google Drive Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Real Time Data Exposure Risk Monitoring & Remediation

No-code data governance for Google Workspace. Monitor and restrict access based on ML-enabled risky file sharing controls within your organization.

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    • Implement and enforce file sharing and access policies for your business and its workforce.
    • Locate and control access to documents containing sensitive data like PII, PHI, HIPAA and GDPR across your entire Google Drive

    Sensitive Data

    Templates and documentation to implement common policies:

    • HIPAA
    • PCI
    • SOC2/Type 2
    • ISO 27001 & ISO 27701
    • GDPR
    • CCPA
    • Other privacy and compliance regulations

    Enterprise Grade

    Organizations can measure & reduce data exposure risk by monitoring and removing at-risk sensitive data.


    Data Governance & Privacy Policies with a click of a button


    Data exposure is prevented


    Real-Time Training

    Use Polymer DLP to:

    • Detect and remediate sensitive data exposure in near real time
    • Compliant governance policies and templates for CCPA, GDPR, PHI, HIPAA and other common rules
    • Modify and add sensitive data definitions from a list of 200+ element types or create your own
    • Policy training and feedback to educate employees
    • Maintain sensitive data usage logs and reporting
    • Track and investigate sensitive data access and movement by user or team level
    • API available for granular data access analytics
    • Knowledge graph for federated reporting across other platforms where Polymer is installed


    Detect and report on sensitive data shared



    Detect and nudge user towards alternate behavior at time of share



    Detect, nudge and repeal sensitive data shared

    Set up in minutes, and 30 days for free!

    Real time risk observability & auto-remediation of sensitive data leaking. 
We identify, alert & secure sensitive data in real time for Google Drive.