Secure sensitive data at the source.

Polymer acts as your virtual compliance officer to detect and protect sensitive data exchanged in popular collaboration tools like Slack, Zendesk, and more.
Secure PII, HIPAA-protected health information, and regulated financial information
— before it becomes a security risk.

Securing your Enterprise

Using cloud-hosted machine learning, Polymer:

Identifies sensitive data in mid- transfer

Encodes data to prevent unauthorized accounts from ever seeing protected information.

Administrative dashboard allows simple user and role management to determine who can see what, as well as customizeable configuration to identify industry or company-specific sensitive information, significantly reducing the cost and worry of data protection compliance.

Global Permission

Enterprise solutions to protect teams from sharing sensitive molecular data

Real-time detection and redaction of sensitive data for enterprise teams

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Cloud Migration on Data Sets

Encrypting all private customer data from documents, JSON, Database records, XML as it moves from onpremise datastores to AWS S3, Box, Snowflake and GCP Cloud Storage.

Restricted Data Access on Remote Teams

Share encrypted PII data with remote teams for code-testing and development. Reducing operational risk by preventing customer data from leaving US servers.

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Redacted Document Sharing

AMicro-encryption of sensitive customer data within documents and unstructured datasets for easy sharing with external partners. Only permissioned users can see full details.

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Yasir Ali 24 Nov 2020

Slack Connect is making multiple organizations work more synchronously. This is especially true within Finance, insurance and healthcare organizations. However, the side effect of this higher interaction is the risk of unnecessarily exposing sensitive HIPAA, PII/ PHI with external parties over Slack. In this article we delve into What is Slack Connect? Who is a Host in Shared Channels? What kinds of data is considered sensitive in Slack? How to protect Sensitive data in Slack Connect?


DLP for SaaS- Buyer's Guide

Yasir Ali 23 Nov 2020

Data loss prevention and compliance are critical functions for any company, especially when more employees than ever are working from home and creating unstructured, unsecured data without the traditional safeguards. Here we cover the essential questions to ask when choosing a SaaS solution for your organization.

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